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Trump or Hillary ? I still say Jill Stein is most suitable

What a day to be an American where you can make a vote, a choice for the country. The Elections are happening right now and seeing voters go to the polls this morning on my way to take the kids to school.

Meet The Candidates

Green Party – Jill Stein A physician, activist turned politician who is a promoter of peace, green energy, green earth, ending wars, investing in educations, investing in healthcare, investing in the rebuilding of America thru peaceful means.  Being a physician is great in my opinion. ( last candidate I supported who was also a physician is a man who was also greatly ignored. His name is Ron Paul who was most suitable constitutional president never elected )  Doesn’t have long history in politics and can be a real candidate for a real change.

Is She suitable  ? Most suitable in comparison to given options, yes she is

Republican Party – Donald Trump ( real last name Drumpf ) A business man who had his ups and downs, few bankruptcies, not fine tuned for politics, has business relations internationally but sadly says dumb stuff which he might not mean. Appeals to certain ignorant people who cant seem to realize how human they are ( like other humans )

Suitable to lead a nation ? not in my opinion.

Democratic Party – Hillary Clinton – A lifetime politician who has been involved for a long time. Wife of former president, Bill Clinton. Senator and more. It’s if she was born to be in politics. Yet tack record does not show great achievements and more over hyped bad policies that are not beneficial for the most, but rather the very few. Political spins and sugar coating don’t work much on me and it’s important to understand she will continue the lobbyist interests over seas which George Bush and his republicans started.

Is she suitable ? not in my opinion

Libertarian Party – Gary Johnson A businessman, Author, Governor and advocate for legalizing marijuana.  supports American interests, Gary is more suitable then trump and Hillary but I don’t support the TPP. Gary johnson does support the TPP. ( TPP is Bad Deal )

A – Z list for All the candidates – ON THE ISSUES

Media Role

The main stream media owners will always pursue the exposer of candidates who are more closely affiliated to those with close contributors to their best interests. Most people are simply unaware and disconnected from the process itself. Only tuned on to tv and the few that do vote aren’t that involved in the turn outs.

One of the enemies of the people is truly the media, it no longer gives a balanced view and more of a one way, one sided argument.  I don’t believe we are given the best choices for candidacy of USA for the simple fact the media owners will use their stations to promote their candidate ( whoever it is) and can demonize anyone else. They are also great distraction for people

Will is matter who wins ?

It’s important to understand something here. At the moment most get caught up with media and lots of heresy. Step back and take a real big look at whats going on and what needs to be done. If Trump wins, or Hillary, or Gary, or Jill it will come down to you the individual to change and better what you can in your life and those around you. Jill Stein and many others are only trying to extinguish fires that are man made. People should not only place their hopes in others, but in themselves first.

We need candidates who think in green as in peace, not money and superiority.  Who is more superior then the one who is remembered by most for their good deeds ? those are the ones worthy of being.  Tyrants come n go and remain tyrants forever.

The American people and the world needs to take steps towards better policies, better decisions, better economics for a better future.

Will it be Trump or Hillary ? either way it will come down to you to make the world a better place.

Comment who you are voting for in comments.

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