8 US Presidents Before George Washington

8 US Presidents Before George Washington

Before USA was USA it first formed a continental Congress which was from 1774 till 1781 and they had 8 presidents before George Washington.

These presidents didn’t have what we know as a term officially and many served temporary, even for a few days. It was part of the process that America needed to form its freedoms on

Here are the list of the first 8 presidents before Washington.

1- Payton Randolph from Virginia 9/5/1774

2- Henry Middleton from South Carolina 10/22/1774

3- Peyton Randolph ( 2nd time)  5/10/1775

4- John Hancock  from Massachusetts 5/24/1777

5- Charles Thomson  from Pennsylvania 10/29/1777

6- Henry Laurens from South Carolina 11/1/1777

7- John Jay from New York 12/10/1778

8- Samuel Huntington from Connecticut  9/28/1779


George Washington from Virginia was elected on 4/30/1789

From 1774 till 1781 the highest authority of the America rebel forces were the continental Congress of the United Colonies.

This congress consisted of 56 delegates from 13 colonies and this groups was looking to pursue of their collective interests for the republic from the British monarchy.

The chairman of the congress was called president and the president back then had more of a role as speaker and no real authoritative power over others.

Now you know the first presidents of the USA before George Washington.

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