800 Year Old Pot Contained life

800 Year Old Pot Contained life

Archaeologists made a small discovery that turned out to be something that can change squash history. Who knew something that was priceless can turn up in a small dig in the First Nation’s Menominee Reservation in Wisconsin, USA. 800 Year Old Pot Contained life

What does it look like

This tiny Clay Pot was with curiosity and they discovered an extinct type of squash that many have thought was lost forever, but thanks to the brilliance of the indigenous people of the American’s who knew how to keep foods for long periods.


The seeds were planted and sure enough, they grew and flourished and gave big returns. Again demonstrating how living simply with out all the expensive studies of preservation. All people it seems knew how to live and keep up. This 800 year old pot proves this in so many ways.


This Gigantic squash has a unique name which is Gete-Okosomin ( Big Old squash ) in the Menominee Language. Amazing 800 Year Old Pot Contained life.  There are more ancient foods to discover  – Read about these 7 oldest foods

800 year old pot
800 Year Old Pot Contained life

Who knew this 800 Year Old Pot Contained life inside of it that will bring back something from the past.

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