9/11 The Day That Changed Life for Millions of People

9/11 The Day That Changed Life for Millions of People

On that day so many people who went on their normal day. When 3000 America died in those buildings and surrounding areas. Some still dying from the toxic dust that was released from the explosions and collapse of the towers and building seven.

People showed up to work never expecting the slightest idea of such a move but for the few who keep an ear to conspiracy theorist, some new it was coming and some even knew who would be blamed for it.

Check out this video He reported it on June 28/2001

Now did that get your attention ? Good. Keep going.

One thing we can all remember that day is the bombardment on main stream media to the masses with footage of the buildings falling and repeating Bin laden name again and again. Well Did bin laden do this act ? according to him, he didn’t

Watch this video statement of bin laden denying it

So Now you have bill cooper a well known conspiracy man who backs his claims with documented facts, he predicts sept 11 was coming and it will be blamed on bin laden. Now isn’t it true that this alqaeda group of terrorist, justified the invasion of Iraq as well other nations. It opened the door way to unchecked foreign policy where USA can say terrorist and it gave them a free to invade card, or free to bomb card, or free to manipulate and regime change policy.