Australian Youth Step Up Big Time for Homeless

Australian Youth Step Up Big Time for Homeless A group of young men and women from Australia have truly took a step forward in helping the needy in which have truly inspired me to post and share this amazing tale with you, as well possibly get some involved in away through inspiration or directly. All should really understand the decision they make and with so much distractions around.  It’s comforting to say we can all do more if we chip in or come up with an idea and to go for it like they did. Australian Youth Step Up Big Time for Homeless

I’m talking about a company that helps the homeless wash their cloth, a charity based company made of volunteers who don’t mind making some one cleaner for the week. Why not ? like everything has costs in life. The truly priceless things in life are none materialistic and the joy, comfort, peace even company these kids bring to the homeless who is ignored cannot be held at any price. Truly.

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  • The following are a number of frequently asked questions to tell you a bit more about us!

    What will people do whilst their clothes are being washed?
    Orange Sky Laundry will be partnering with a number of other food vans and other similar local organisations in order to get clothes washed and returned in the most convenient time frame whilst minimizing waiting time.
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    What will people wear whilst their clothes are being washed?
    To start, we will just be washing all other possessions, IE blankets and other sets of clothes.There are plans for further developments in this area for later!

    How many people’s clothes can you wash?
    At Orange Sky Laundry we have two 10kg washers and dryers that allow us to get 20kg of clean washing out every hour. Additionally, linen bags and an efficient colour co-ordination system will allow us to wash multiple people’s clothes at once and keep their belongings together.

    What about power and water?
    The project will begin with a separate vehicle carrying water and towing a generator. Until the best locations have been scouted and the appropriate water and power connections are installed, these are what we need (for now) to get the van on the road!

    Who is doing the washing?
    The machines are chemically fed so there are no powders, etc. Therefore they only need to be loaded with the clothes and possessions. Once in the linen bags, the machines will be run by our expert volunteers. The clothes will then be returned in the linen bags and the next load begun!

    When and where you will be operating?
    That is what we will figure out over the coming months! We aim to be out a minimum of 5 times a week testing different locations and different crowds of people from Brisbane to Ipswich. The hours will be mirroring the local food services but will be primarily around 6-11am.
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    How do you set this up in a public place?
    Very similarly to the local food services, the van will be run at well known, yet discrete locations across South East Queensland.

    How can I help?
    During the pilot van process we are keeping a controlled number of people in the project. However your support is greatly appreciated and accepted. You can sponsor our project and sign up to our ever growing volunteers list! Also, continually growing awareness of our organization is greatly appreciated so please find us on social media! If you see the van driving around come and say hi and talk to our fantastic team!

  • Mission
    Improving hygiene standards of the Australian homeless.
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If there actions helped a few reform and become better, give them hope to possibly do more and give back themselves. It takes a willing extended hand to help one way or another.

Kudos and much respect to this charity that brings some comfort to an willfully ignored problem we are share. If they can do it there, I’m certain it will inspire others to do else where.

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