Avoid Being Scammed This Christmas

Avoid Being Scammed This Christmas

Christmas time is known to being a time of much spending online and offline.  Where ever money goes, expect to find scammers. Not a good thing, but there are ways to avoid them and protecting yourself.

Christmas time is one of those holidays when people really spend, or try to spend what they can to get the gift and thing the kids want.  How much goes on the spending ? depends on how much you can afford.

How much can America Afford ?

I know a great deal of money is spend around Christmas time here in USA, stores jam packed and depends on where you go, you might never find parking or even get to leave the mall lol. ( been there )

I always wondered how much money goes into it. When looking up exact numbers I came across this partial info

Retail industry sales in the U.S. $3.19tn
Holiday employment in the U.S. 800k
Holiday retail sales in the U.S. $630.5bn
Christmas holiday retail growth 3.7%
U.S. retail e-commerce holiday season sales $94.71bn

Christmas shopping in the U.S. Values Statistic

Average Christmas expenditure on gifts $830bn
Average amount spent on Christmas cards $29.14
Amount of Cyber Monday shoppers in the U.S. 127m
Average number of holiday gifts expected by U.S. consumers 12.9
Percentage of U.S. consumers buying gifts online 47%
Christmas tree retail value in the U.S. $1.04bn

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Spending trillions of dollars in a few days in a lot of money, lots of transactions and lots of buying, selling and bargains. How can you protect yourself and family when shopping during the season and in general ?

Protect Yourself from Scammers

When shopping online you have to make sure you are dealing with credible suppliers. One of the first steps you should do is look up the site for validity. Most will use more established sites ( for example amazon.com ) or other major sellers.