Baton Rouge Louisiana Hit with Flood

Baton Rouge Louisiana Hit with Flood

In about 72 hours the area of Baton Rouge was hit with 20 inches of none stop rain that lead to at least 13 dead and 40’000 plus homeless and the number keeps increasing.

The rain devastated entire communities and blocks beginning to end are halfway underwater. Neighbors looking around at their belongings floating in water.

The government has made promises to improve conditions and bring life back to normal for all citizens in the area. When the water began to recede the communities of people, workers, co-workers, religious groups and complete strangers are coming together to help in what way they can.

Here is footage from Father, Daughter Team out checking things out and giving us prospective of damage done to their community

As you can see it is not a pretty site at all. Got to admit they are handling it pretty well.

Here we have some areal footage of the damage done

Baton Rouge Louisiana Hit with Flood

Clearly Thousands of people have to rebuild and start their lives over again. What can we learn from such disasters ? Well for one that they will happen.

Seeing people come together to undue the damage is always something inspiring and sad at the same time that a disaster is needed for people to come together and work together for greater good.

Can we blame global warming on this ? No, apparently it has history of flooding in past.

Now can they prevent flooding in future by building better drain system possibly ?

Prayers to all the families who suffered directly or indirectly from this and hope people understand the power of working together and do so not only when disasters happen, but more importantly to prevent them.

You can donate here and note ( Louisianan relief ) and I will give to proper organization and attach your name as donator.