Bernie Sanders 30 Years History in Politics

Bernie Sanders 30 Years History in Politics

Bernie Sanders 30 Years History in Politics : Bernie Sanders is getting the much-needed attention that he needs. Looking into politics, it’s not a pretty picture for sure.
Laws get passed, get ignored, get lobbied and whatever other ways things get done.

With all honesty, who cares ? people didn’t care as much before when they had easier means to live and get by.

When a father had a job which provided enough to pay bills and have a saving account. Today, both parents are working and still suffer the stresses of paying the monthly none ending bills.

Bernie is the Better choice

Its it fair to say a man like Bernie Sanders is over due ? possible and certainly got ignored long enough and now the people are uniting in backing Bernie Sanders because even under the title of democrat, or socialist, or socialist democrat or first Jewish presidential candidate or how about a human being that always had a sense to help the working people.

For better education, better healthcare, better housing, better war policies and over all a better running country that priorities its citizens and it’s interests first.

When it comes to the republican party, I believe they did it to themselves by the candidates they allowed to represent them for the presidential race.

Two republicans I thought were better candidates were Rand Paul and his dad Ron Paul, but Ron Paul Got ignored and it became obvious the Republican party had no real interest in bettering America when they ignored Ron Paul all these years.

The America today would not be the same, specifically because of the change of the international policy Ron Paul would have placed a Gold standard to certain extend. Read this Free report on why you should invest in Gold

Bernie or bust

Clearly Now is the time for Bernie Sanders as the people are making their clear choice, Hillary is in trouble because the majority of the people don’t support her. She has her influential connections, but she isn’t as popular as many thought her to be.

Bernie Sanders 30 Years History in Politics proves to me that he has always tried to discuss the issues when given the chance.

Politics is not a place for the kind-hearted is it ? but like Bernie said
“enough is enough”

Nov is a bit of time to decide the results of the 2016 USA Presidential Race Winner.  Yet who are the people with ?

Clearly on all the polls, Sanders is taking it in good numbers and the more people get involved and go out to vote and make their selections heard.

It will be very difficult not to have Sanders as the president of USA.

I Speak out of best interest for America and with regard to the possible candidates who were presented and who are remaining. Bernie Sanders is the most obvious and best choice.

I believed he would make a good president then, and I still believe he will do that when he becomes president in Nov/8th .