Beyonce Half Time Show Political Move ?

Beyonce Half Time Show Political Move ?

To think when i was watching it. I though hmm are they going to pull another show featuring ghouls and demonic creatures. lol ops that was the Olympics. The super bowl though with beyonce coming up all black power and black panther stunt to show support for the black lives matter movement #blacklivesmatter .

I’m for all lives matter to say the least. I believe all human beings are children of Adam n Eve. People of all colors, cultures has enslaved another people, tribe, nation, country, kingdoms and I can go on and on.

Well let’s get back to the whole thing with Beyonce and the black panthers attribution. Certainly all the oppressed have their people who fight back, one way or another and most of the times violence is their last option unless it is being forced on them by their oppressors.

I don’t believe her show was rightly guided for sure.

I think she was manipulated to think she was doing something good for the black community. I think she was told to do it and not because she wanted to do it.

It’s possible she was mislead to do it also.

When I found out George Soros black lives matter was behind the black lives matter movement, I knew something was not right with the whole thing. Some sites say it’s not true, but majority of other sites say it is true. You be the judge for yourself.

Beyonce Half Time Show Political Move ? I certainly believe so. It seems so many people are paying attention to the politics and this years elections. The people possible are too united over the real problems of the country and some hands are trying to stir up the racial issues again and again.

History has shown many times again and again racial tensions have been used by politicians for a long time already. When will America realize it’s equal freedoms, either they exist or they don’t.  

It’s important for people to start thinking for themselves again and see through the illusions of control used against them in which turns people against themselves. We should not be happy about any innocent being unjustly treated.

It’s a Moral Issue, not Race. We all Human beings.

leave your thoughts below. What are your views about the whole thing with racism. What is the solution in your opinion ?