Breakthrough Battery that last days with few seconds charge

Breakthrough Battery that last days with few seconds charge

The University of Central Florida has created a battery that is incredible. This battery can be charged for only a few seconds, yet can give you a charge for days of battery life.

This high-powered battery has super-capacitors that store large amounts of energy.
This battery as well will maintain its super charge even after 30’000 charges, unlike normal lithium-ion batteries which tire after a few hundred charges.

Lithium-ion batteries usually last up to 1500 before they begin to go bad and some have a maximum of 7000 charges according to the study.

How Batteries work

The New Technology

One of the researchers, professor choudhary said ” if they were to replace the batteries with the super-capacitors, you could charge your Mobile phone in a few seconds and you wouldn’t need to charge it again for over a week”
Sounds good to me.

The super capacitors were not used for batteries because of their size, but the Florida team was able to bypass this by making their own super-capacitors with tiny wires that are nanometre thick. They are coated with high energy shell which allows for super fast charging for your benefits.

Lithium-ion batteries have been shaky and upgrading them seemed to backfire.For example recent upgrades have shown terrible results with the Samsung Galaxy note 7. The battery would overheat and many had it explode on them. ( it’s dangerous to keep your phone charging all the time )

Final Thoughts

Breakthrough Battery that last days with few seconds chargeThe new tech is not available for consumers just yet, the research team is working hard to have it ready for consumers. Safety is a big issue for me and this technology seems to be the answer to many of the problems that come with lithium-ion batteries. There are other teams working on other methods to extend battery life, but this seems the most promising in my opinion.

This tech will prove very helpful in the future and I’m certain many if not all batteries will eventually use this technology with out limiting it to only cellphones.

Your laptops, ipads, other techs that need a battery. How awesome would it be to get super charged for weeks in a matter of seconds. Now this will open the door to taking advantage of solar power on another level.

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