Build Your E Mail List For Free with Benchmark Email

Build Your E Mail List For Free with Benchmark Email

Build Your E Mail List For Free with Benchmark Email – What is an E Mail list ? In short : It’s a list of Emails you gather from people who wish to stay in touch with you. There are various companies online that offer Email marketing solutions like response, AWeber and others which have helped people build massive lists.

E Mail Marketing is very important for anyone’s business/site. List building makes it easier

Lets focus on starting with a free budget for now and take it from there :

Benchmark Email: Is a great place to start. They offer an easy to use layout, great perks that match with the top companies. Social integration, marketing tools  and offers a residual referral program.

One of my favorite things about it is the friendly interface for users. Established since 2004 and serving over 100 thousand customers. Benchmark Email is well established in the industry and offers various plans for all kind of demands.

Sign up process is easy and completely free. No credit card needed.
* You are eligible to earn 25% commissions even with free membership

Benchmark Email Features

There are great features that come with benchmark Email and it’s awesome for free members cause they will have access to most of it for free. ( upgrades are very affordable as well no worries )

The Platform really is a highly compacted service for the user and subscribers.

Building your lists was never this convenient and this free.

Features include :

  • Free membership for life (if you choose)
  • Upgrade as you build
  • sign-up Forms/buttons/links
  • Auto Responder
  • Email Upton 10000 per month
  • Hundred+ Themes and Templates
  • Your Own Surveys/Events
  • Try Video Emails
  • Mobile App & Commerce
  • RSS to Email ( Great for bloggers )
  • Muli-Language & API Integration
  • Social media buttons/forms/templates

These features are standard for free members, so there is no catch later to upgrade and get them. What will basically happen is your list will get too big and your upgrade is to keep up with your lists growth.

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This free program will help your list grow as well your knowledge of E Mail Marketing and it won’t coast you any money.

Do you need Email marketing ?

E Mail Marketing is crucial to the success of your business. There are companies spending millions on marketing, companies that will pay you to reach out to your list. Building a huge list will have great benefits, but with a small price to pay ( maintenance fees – the larger the list the higher the cost. Some grow their lists in the millions even ).

Would you like to reach a 100’000 thousand people within hours, with a few clicks of a button ? In business it’s always about how many people you can reach out to and Email marketing makes business so fast and easy.

There are various ways to build your list. Be on look out for upcoming article about 15 tips that will help your build your list for free.

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