Buxenger 2016 Review – PTC Memberships Solutions ?

Buxenger 2016 Review – PTC Memberships Solutions ?

What are PTC sites ?
PTC sites are Paid To Click Sites and they come in the hundreds, each one varies on the earnings, companies they affiliate with and various methods to earn a few cents here through out the day.

Buxenger is an App for major browsers that helps you bookmark all your PTC sites in one place, a simple yet effective organizer. The company is out of Amsterdam and been in business for about 6 years now.

Serious PTC affiliates will most likely be members with at least 30 PTC sites and for most part it’s not easy to stay on top of all accounts and the passwords.  Buxenger provides a solution completely Free  Check out Buxenger

What does Buxenger do ?

Buxenger helps you sign up to ( most ) common PTC sites and allows you the freedom to stay updated on progresses and quick sign in with out hassle of always checking notes.

It Features over 400 PTC sites and Growing, you are allowed to add your own as well.

As of now I’m building my PTC sites and joining the ones most profitable to members. * Stay updated for list post coming soon Subscribe Now

I specifically like the simple, basic layout that can have any user get started quickly.  Now your 30 plus various login’s can all be checked by one sign in to Buxenger. When you refer people to buxenger and they join a program then they are registered to you automatically.