Can You make Money From Blogging ?

Can You make Money From Blogging ?

Blogging for a fact has helped many people make lots of money online. Does that mean you will as well ? No, it does not. Now I’m not saying this early on to disappoint you. I’m mentioning this now because you have to understand the steps to make money blogging.

What is Blogging ? usually blogging is about an individual who writes about their experiences, be it reviews or destinations or generally what the blogger wishes to share with their audience. But how can they make money from it ?

Making money from a blog can be done in various ways.

  • Selling products
  • Placing advertisements
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Networking or MLM

Typically the more popular the blog is, the higher return on earnings the blogger can generate.

Not different then a business model, the more customers you bring to your business, the more likely you will sell and make profits, but with a blog you have a great advantage in regards to business cost and over head.

A traditions business with a store, merchandise and employees ect will cost an average of 25’000.00 to get started which is not easy for many people.

A blog on other hands with digital industry you can operate a fully functioning business for the low cost to start of roughly couple hundred dollars. Getting a domain and hosting for a year is very cheap and affordable.

The main focus of the blog should be bringing great content for your visitors so they come back for more, remember if a customer doesn’t buy the first time or second time, if they keep coming back they like your posts and eventually will buy something from you.

How long does it take to make money blogging ?