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Can You Make Money With Parked Domains ? Here is How

Can You Make Money With Parked Domains ? Here is How – Parked Domains have made many people lots of money and even more people don’t many any money from it. What is the post about then ? Well there are ways to make money and the fact that many aren’t does not mean they can’t. Yes. You can make money with parked domains, maybe not all of them but if you follow this guideline then you are in better place to earn.

Working in online business I know many people don’t follow thru their training, even guidelines to earnings.

Yes you can make money with parked domains, but not all domain parking is created equally.

Advertising parked domains are Not allowed so don’t try it.

What is Domain Parking

Let’s say you had an old site you no longer use, with domain parking you can monetize traffic going to that site. The earnings will vary depending on the company and advertisers.
Any unused websites can be parked.

If you wish to build a business in the future and have a name, but not ready to launch it yet then you can buy the domain name ahead of time and park it until you are ready.
*This also gives more history to your website

More established domain parkers are also involved in selling domains that with the right name, can give a real good return on the investment.

Getting Started with Parked domains

From many people reviews and suggestions, I would not recommend godaddy (high fees, monthly dues) which is the first point. Don’t over invest and spend money you can afford to.

You will need a Domain/host company For example ( host gator or blue host ) there are many others, but i use those two.

Once you buy the domain, then you would have to reconfigure the DNS so the traffic gets monetized by the company where you parked the domain. ( Make sure you never spend more than a reasonable budget. Start with one domain, figure out how it works and make sure the next domain is better than first )

Top Domain Parking Companies

*Before you buy any domain – check to make sure it’s not blacklisted – ( Free tool Click Here )


bodis-parked-domainsBodis – is highly recommended by great deal of users. They stand out because they offers high CPC for international traffic when compared to others.

  • Easy Free Sign Up
  • Paypal payments ( min $ 1 dollar )
  • ( no affiliate program )


Voodoo – is highly recommended by its users as well, but not as easy to start with because you need good, domain names. They do pay higher for US traffic and is established among many people in domain parking.

  • Easy Free Sign Up
  • Minimum 10 website ( might get turned down if domain names are not good )
  • paypal, wire transfer, other  payments ( min 20 dollars )
  • ( not certain on affiliate programs )

These two are great for beginners who want to try it out. The sites offer support and guide on getting started. Simple and shouldn’t take more than five minutes. I will be doing a video about this in future.

You also should consider joining with NamePros – Which is a community that offers much great tips and advice on parking domains, buying and selling domains as well. Check out this Article that will give you even greater insight to Domain Parking.  Click Here – NamePros 

Income Potential with Parked Domains

The traffic is the most important thing about earning with parked domain. If you have a domain that might never generate any visitors then most likely will you not make any money in domain parking.

If you are spending a few dollars a month and you earn that back, then you should be happy. You can get lucky and buy a domain that can become a cash magnet, but If i was to put odds on that it would be 50/50.  Yet those are good odds.

If you have 10 sites, 5 are making you 500 monthly ( such as ) then it wouldn’t matter the other 5 aren’t making you that much. You would simply make smarter decisions on the next domain purchases.

These tips will help increase your chances of earning better with parked domains.

  •  Alexa and Other Ranking sites for names you might use to get site name ideas
  • Check out expireddomains ( good tool )
  • Make sure the domains are not blacklisted ( some previous owners get it blocked )
  • Don’t over spend money.

I would like to get into domain parking and I will keep you updated on my results.

Don’t forget to share this with anyone thinking about domain parking, I’m sure the tips will be helpful to them.

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