CashCrate Reviewed a Scam or Legit ?

CashCrate Reviewed a Scam or Legit ?

Being in business for over 10 years and with 2 million members, cashcrate is helping people who shop online to save loads of money from various name brand stores to small businesses.

Members have various methods to earn, they can earn cashback from shopping, they can earn from tasks and doing surveys. They can also earn with their referral program which is 2 levels deep.

Minimum age to join is 13 and it’s available for international membership. Check it out

Benefits of CashCrate

  • Since shopping online is an all time high, a great deal of shoppers can use any cash back they get since they are shopping anyways. Why not get 5% more or less from major brands and stores ? it just makes sense from that prospective.
  • Earn with trial offers, which reward you cash for checking a service or a product. ( terms apply to offers )
  • Very Friendly, easy to use, up and loads fast
  • Earn from surveys, trial offers
  • Earn From Watch Videos
  • Earn from Bonus Offers
  • Many Free Offers ( no CC required )
  • $20 Cashout

Cashcrate is always improving and updating their offers and deals.

Cons of Cashcrate

  • Inbox will have many offers from various companies
  • Some trial offers and surveys pay little
  • payment is once a month

Thats all I have noticed really but expected at the same time.

Referral Program

In my opinion its what makes Cashcrate worth joining over other sites.
Cashcrate referral program works like this.

  • Earn 20% from direct referral
  • Earn 10% from their referral
  • When your referal earns $10. You are given $3 bonus.
    If you can build a team of a few hundred, you will be earning decent income from Cashcrate from the referral program alone. Check it out



Cashcrate is not a scam and is a legitimate company. As far as I’m concerned I have came across many companies like this, many offered the same cashback structure as well surveys ect. But Cashcrate has updated and improved the cashback percentages and their referral program is most rewarding that I know of. Members are encouraged to utilize all the various methods to save money.

Can Cashcrate benefit you ? sure it can and if you know people who shop online much, then they can benefit from it as well.

Online shopping is increasing every year and might as well save and get cashback if you can.

Hope you got a good idea what Cashcrate is and what they offer their members.
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Take Care and Godbless