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City Penny Saver is a home based business dream in a sense. It’s an advertising platform for you to use to grow your businesses and meet local prospects.

This new idea can also be a viral network that seeks to bring entrepreneurs/ home business to make a viral global community.. Check it out

It was founded by 2 Entrepreneurs ( Georgette and Timothy ) and it’s less then a year old. If you want great exposure at very affordable rates then city penny saver can help you.

How to join

You are not required to purchase a city ( recommended to buy your own ). You can join completely free but I recommend you upgrade because it just makes sense to do so if you like city penny saver idea.

The cost for a city purchase is 10 dollars for six month so it’s very affordable. You can also purchase advertising packages. You can be a Free member but with limited to only one advertisement box.

City owners have a large amount of boxes for advertisements they can promote with banners and text ads.

Check out my city and get your free account

It’s available world wide and people from all over can participate in it, its an open advertisement platform.

Members get free advertisement every time any associated members promotes the site, visitors then can browse cities and find yours if they are local or near by.

Advantages of City penny saver

With purchase of a city you have so many advertising boxes which you can use yourself, or sell them for others to use and advertise on your site.
You can approach local business for example and recommend they purchase one box advertisement for 10 dollars for 6 month.

You have over 50 positions plus, so if you are handy to get all positions filled then you can easily get your money back times 49 times.
You can purchase ad spots yourself so your city or banner is promoted by city penny saver to all members.

you are not allowed to have multiple accounts, but you are allowed to buy as many cities as you wish ( if it’s available ) and greatly increase your website exposure.
All cities are basically the same price, so buying NY and ohio would be same price ( regardless of population )

Traffic Quality

You will receive a good deal of traffic from city penny saver, they have a large community of entrepreneurs seeking methods to earn better or more income from home.

One thing you will appreciate about it, it drives genuine organic traffic and that is a great plus in online business.

Final thoughts

Penny saver will help people get a great deal of advertisement and genuine traffic for a very affordable rate ( 10 dollars ). Take my word on this, I spent thousands on advertisement promises that brought zero results. This for only 10 i have seen a few sign up already in some of my traffic exchanges in less then a week.

You can make money in various ways. one is thru referral to city penny saver and as well selling ad spots in your city.

It will come down to your skills and creativity.

They do provide you with tools to refer people and build your network. In my opinion it’s not a scam at all, it’s interesting new idea that many should look into. Get your FREE account Now