Review Review is a site that helps people build their home business. It offers a training platform like no other with reward systems and badges for community value.

It breaks down the making money process to three simple steps.
Clicks – basically work with the best traffic exchanges to generate traffic to your business opp.
Track – Track your advertising to see what is converting and what isn’t
Profit – Comes down to repeating steps one and two.

Cost to Join

It’s Free to join clicktrackprofits. The training and most of the site is accessible to free members. Affiliate tools as well are provided, but the most important features is the training.
Free members also receive random referrals for being active members.
Follow the training steps one by one and become far more suitable to earn online. It’s about what you know and who you work with.

Worth Joining ?

In my opinion there is alot of value to gain from their training courses ( which are free ) and they have many bonus videos, training available for members. Members also share their experience so it’s a community that adds great value to new comers. Establish home business pro’s will only add more experienced contacts to their lists.

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Referral Program

The affiliate program pays 50% to upgraded members and 10% to free members on every referral. Affiliate tools are provided with banners, emails, ect.
Upgrade is available in monthly $9.00 or yearly $97.00 payment.
upgrading accounts gives more access to master training as well increased commissions.


There is much to gain from click track profits. the problem with many online businesses is they don’t offer the proper training or their training comes with a high price. gives a reasonable price with a vast amount of training and bonuses. Community that is building with over 180k members that has payed out over quarter million dollars to it’s members.

Certainly not a scam and is worth looking into – Check it out