Corruption in Politics is Because of Money

Corruption in Politics is Because of Money

Corruption in Politics is Because of Money . Wow who knew, huh. Actually I don’t have any special study to support this claim, all we have to do is simply look at history and what has mankind done, sure they have great accomplishments but sadly that comes with a great price that is always overlooked, how the suffering of so many went un-noticed before and still continues today.

The past is the past and many people did some shady deeds to gain great financial gains be it through stock market or creating banking dynasties or other methods to make moves and control the wealth in that society.  Why is money so powerful ? cause society basis everything on it. Even though it’s necessary, it is certainly abused because people are viewed based on their financial positions for most, regardless of how such gains were made.

Before anyone misunderstand the post, it’s not to attack rich and prosperous people, too many have worked very hard, invented things, came up with solutions, entrepreneurs and other great people have done great service to mankind, but I feel more can be done to help and contribute more to better society over all.

The basics must be addressed and that would be establishing a liveable wage for the most who don’t want to get into business, or work for themselves. Most people prefer to have a job, it’s their sense of security which is understandable. I attempt to help such people to explore their various options to gain financial security with out needing a job per say.

When certain giant interests have much money to be made, if certain laws came to pass, if certain regulations were removed, if certain protections were removed and allowed many to abuse the system for their financial gains and anyone thinks this doesn’t happen all the time, is kidding themselves.

Lobbyist partake in much of what laws are to be passed and their influence is so much that it is said for each congressman there are three lobbyist. Hmm. If you are wondering why the good bills don’t get passed or supported. Why doesn’t the economy get better, when will politicians get it right. Well it will come down to you taking action in the process of what is going on in politics.

If you and other are more involved in it, then it would be harder for lobbyist to influence congress members, when the people know what bills are being presented and what they mean or stand for, then the people will have a say in the matter. Can contact their congressman, the people will have to be their own lobbyist.

Even though I understand this request does not guarantee an instant fix, but that is fine. We are in a position to repair still, regardless of how much the media tries to scare us and banks wish to rob the masses which I do believe is their pure intentions.  As long as the USA does not control it’s own currency, it will have a harder time in it’s democracy.

New Study – Corruption in Politics is Because of Money History proves this again n again, every president who supported usa based banks, got assassinated or met some death, instantly after their death a private bank was established, thus the present day federal reserve. A private owned entity.

Money has always corrupted politics, it has collapsed the best and greatest civilizations that came before us. Or they simply vanished with out any real known cause. it’s evident though with in the past 200-400 years of our known recorded history, that financial gains have influenced great part of political moves globally.

I wish to help people change their mindset from dependents to solution makers. If that is something that you would be apart of then stay in touch.

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Get money out of politics