Crazy Cash Club Review – Read This

Crazy Cash Club Review

Crazy Cash Club from the start comes off as very scamy and seeking the really desperate people with huge promises of millions of dollars.

You join with promise to see millions but what happens is you need to purchase products so you can resell and make commissions on them.

Oh and the company has been in pre-launch for over 2 years now and supposed to have launched 30,60,90 days ago many days ago and never launched and still being promoted.

They say they are trying to reach a million before pre-launch but its clear and evident the launch might never happen. Current members who bought the products n service are for lose, or are stuck with this company.


The Products

  • Monster Cash Mini Webinar System – This supposedly guarantees you a spot among the top 10% of the company to earn millions ( but what if everyone buys it? everyone will be in top 10% i guess ) – this will cost you $177
  • Hands Free AR Splash pages – This is splash pages that you use to promote their link with your referral code.  Problem is about every legitimate company in MLM/Home business ect will provide such tools for FREE.. NOT with Crazy Cash Club though which will cost you $147. (
  • 20’000 Targeted Visitors – Supposedly you will get all these targeted visitors to site you are promoting.  This will cost you $57
  • 5’000 Targeted Visitors – a smaller version of the above which will cost you $17.
  • *Traffic purchases have no refunds

How do they get you ?

This Crazy Cash Club system makes great deal of promises in which are certainly exaggerated beyond reason even. People are told they will make crazy amounts of money as soon as they start, by the first year they will make more then doctors and by the third they will be making million plus yearly.

All this under free membership, yet buy their products and make the process move even faster……… RIGHTTT.

What they are doing is hyping up their videos and results big time to get you to input your information, then once they have that they can email about becoming a millionaire by buying such n such.

How the pre-launch is coming soon and how lucky you should feel to be part of such a big payoff…

Final Words

Don’t waste your time, money and effort on this. it’s not designed to make you millions and clearly only ones making money are the people behind it which can be 1 or 2 people, it’s not clear who is behind it.

They will not launch but only keep trying to get more recruits and I see them shutting down before actually launching.

It’s a scam and not worth you time in my opinion. Don’t you love all these free companies that will make you millions but you have to buy stuff and recruit others to do the same and they have been promising a launch since 2014 ? I don’t for sure.

Currently I’m perusing Hard asset products and that is Gold n silver.  Check it out. Everything comes with a price but what product after years gets more expensive ? certainly not out dated digital products or scams that just take your money.

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