Dumb Little System Review – Does it work ?

Dumb Little System Review

This system which is supposedly ( FREE, which is not ) is another promise to help the average people struggling to make money online. So many promise to deliver to you for free of charge.

Once you are in and they got you hooked, they start pushing on you products to buy.  Does it though ?

yes, it makes more money to the guy behind the company itself and it can help you make money also by doing the same thing he did to you.

What happens after you sign up

Once you get past the free registration, thats where the free stops. First you have to activate your DLS site, which is nothing more then clickbank products site.
If you don’t have clickbank, you are required to get it so you can use your id on products to sell.
Now it’s time to spend money buying offers, so you can earn from their resell.
Turn your site to autopilot commission by paying another 20 monthly.
Want to make even more money ? then buy another package for 200 dollars that comes from clickbank.
Finally just when you are ready to make money, you need to generate traffic to sell products. Another purchase is required for traffic.

Final words

This system is designed to help the one selling affiliated products and getting more people to do it.

It’s not free and basically is a system created by a guy named brian, which is funnels that sell products. This site makes selling products much easier, since his membership promise to make you money comes with you purchasing his recommendations. It can work for people if they like this system.

By the time you are ready, this Free system would have taken from you about 200+ dollars already with zero to show for it but a site with clickbank products and a traffic with out any real guarantees for sales.

I don’t recommend you use Dumb Little System, you can be a part of something great like turning paper money to Gold-bars for example. Now that is a product that increases in value always and is worth it’s weight. Lear more here

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