Fake News Sites Will be Targeted By Google n Facebook

Fake News Sites will be Targeted By Google n Facebook

Google and Facebook are going to cut off revenues from fake news sites.  Google and Facebook are two of the largest ad-platforms so they play a large part in what people are exposed to daily.

The net is full of awful things let’s be honest here. They have filters n such  available for that. Fake news contribute to further misunderstanding, hate, demonizing even.

Some of the fake news are more advanced than others and are great at covering their miss-info, exaggerated opinions with freedom of speech excuse.

Purpose of this move

This effort by the ad-platform giants is to curb use of their ad space. They wish to cut off their revenue potential and hopefully discourage them from using such lousy, dirty tactic to begin with.

Why is it an issue now

This move came with complains that the presidential elections were directly influenced by such sites. Using false information for political use to help certain candidate win ( Donald Trump ), What bothers me is this tactic has been used for years. People are caught up in daily distractions so much and it’s only an issue now because some say it helped trump win the US Presidency.

Its said hundreds of sites originated from Macedonia that are pro-trump. With bogus news, headlines, posts clearly to support one narrative for one purpose ( to demonize others )

I noticed plenty of false news being shared that attack Islam/Muslims on a rise, many sites barking at war and need for it, falsely attacking 2 billion Muslims world-wide.

Its becoming more ok to generalize billions of Muslims and they try to hide behind free speech. Yet, look around today many criticize trump get attacked for being anti-American. Some of those same people burned a doll of black-man in suit when Obama got elected.

Their hypocrisy has no bounds and important to ignore their hate speech. Those who believe their nonsense are dumbing themselves to the haters levels.

What to personally look out for

Whenever you come across a story that is disturbing, research it and try to confirm it first. No sense in believing a lie to begin with.

Search it up and see whats going on about the topic. What makes sense and add things together yourself. After a while you will kinda notice them instantly.  They have one purpose attack or demonize a certain people, religion, history, facts and some are disturbing for that anyone willing to spread such lies is an enemy to people and themselves.

How can you help

Help people by clarifying lies from facts. Contribute some good-by identifying fake news sites and exposing their false reported stories.

  • Get the word out and take a few minutes to look into the subject and try to confirm the stories.
  • Check for neutral sources and get their comments.
  • Check for other side of story.
  • Develop your own conclusion and if the site is presenting facts.

There is no way to control all the fake news and their efforts to attack people to spread fear and hate. But you can help out by doing a small part in exposing what comes your way.

Have  Great day and God-bless