Federal Cannabis Effects Study Pays 3k Weekly

Federal Cannabis Effects Study Pays 3k Weekly

The Government is looking for people who wish to take part in a study on Weed. Yes, Weed. Weed the one you use for medical purposes. In this study you have to move in to a facility for about six month and in this time you would be required to consume marijuana and do things such as reading, watching tv, ect. common things you would do in normal life.

Federal Cannabis Effects Study Pays 3k Weekly
PAYING 3000 PER WEEK is very tempting isn’t it ? After all who wouldn’t just want to chill and hang out and get paid for it.

Here is what the source say

The United States National Research Center (NRC) has been commissioned by the National Institute of Drug Abuse(NIDA) to conduct comprehensive research evaluating the effects of cannabis on the human body.

The research, which will take part in seven facilities across the nation, is intended to determine whether or not cannabis can be used to relieve stress and stress-related disorders, while allowing consumers of the plant to maintain normal function in their lives.

“This is one of the first, very promising studies, that will finally reveal the answer of the age-old acquisition that stoners are ‘Just Lazy’,” says lead researcher Michael Gregory. “It’s an exciting new study that may push the legality of marijuana to all 50 states.”

For the research, participants will be required to stay at the facility for six months (making it ready to un-doable for many if not most people), while performing various everyday activities such as cleaning, watching TV and reading, while also regularly consuming cannabis. During all of this, participants will be evaluated by medical staff.

Researchers looking to gather over 300 recruits into their facilities before the study begins; these recruits will be paid $3,000 for every week they take part in the study.

At the moment, the NRC isn’t accepting new applicants for those wanting to take part in the study, though that’s expected to change in the near future; we’ll update this article when it does.

Is it Legit ?

As you can see it’s legit news…

Not At all.. The Government’s National Federal Laboratories and Research centers website National laboratories center says  ‘ no such thing “. Find out for yourself. it’s all nonsense,  make belief stories in the online web that have gotten much false attention and given the national center enough fuss that they addressed it and it’s False.

There is no Federal Cannabis Effects Study at all and You have been hoodwinked

It can be disappointing for many but it’s better to know the truth then to have lies roaming around. I Personally believe they already know the effects and are coming around medically to recognize its importance.

Share the Bad News with people who thought it was good news :D..

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