Former Al-Qaeda Mufti Condemns Terrorism

Former Al-Qaeda Mufti condemns Terrorism

Abu Hafs al-Mauritani According to WIKI it says

is a Mauritanian Islamic scholar and poet previously associated with al-Qaeda. A veteran of the Soviet war in Afghanistan,[2] he ran a religious school called the Institute of Islamic Studies in Kandahar, Afghanistan, from the late 1990s until the American invasion of Afghanistan in 2001.[3] Al-Walid was on the shura council of al-Qaeda and was the head of the sharia committee.[4] Along with Mustafa Hamid, Abdullah Ahmed Abdullah, Saeed al-Masri and Saif al-Adel, al-Walid opposed the September 11 attacks two months prior to their execution.[5][6](p18)[7] Under interrogation, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed said that al-Walid had opposed any large-scale attack against the United States and wrote Bin Laden a stern letter warning against any such action, quoting the Quran.[5]

Al-Walid fled from Afghanistan to Iran after the American invasion and was held there under house arrest from 2003 until April 2012.[4][8][9] At that time, Iran extradited him to Mauritania, where he was held in prison until his release on July 7, 2012. He was released after renouncing his ties to al-Qaeda and condemning the September 11 attacks.[9][10]

Truth to the matter is that he was being truthful and he is correct as far as condemning such terrorist acts.

The Quran, despite what you hear. Places great value not only on human life, but all life on the grounds that all life belongs to the life giver and only Allah has authority to take it, not man.