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Hello fellow Entrepreneurs and New Bloggers

( disclaimer – I earn from some of mentioned programs. This is what i did to earn income online and sharing my method with readers )

Get Started Guide

Starting a site is not as complicated as many think and it’s important to have one if you want to increase your earnings and results.

Wanting to get your own domain and build your own list will give you the leverage in your earning potential. Build your list with various affiliate companies, email exchanges, affiliate mlm networks and much more.

  • Get Your own domain to give yourself the advantage over your own earnings.
  • You need to build your own list of subscribers
  • Learn how to capitalize on earning from home
  • Start making money

The Online Industry is making billions in transactions and the diversity of ways to earn is amazing.

Here is a complete Free Guide to help you get a site going in a short time.

Step by Step Guide

Get a Domain Name ( pick a name specific to a category or nitch you are targeting )

  • Are you planning to start a blog or a business ?
  • What kind of blog or business ?
  • Pick name related to what your site will be about.

    Check Now to see if the domain you want is available.

I use blue host and happy with their service. It’s an all in one company that will give you all the tools to have a great site, as well provide great up-time and load time.

You can also look into the various companies out there, but personally I had no issues with blue host and like their service.

*Bluehost offers a referral program as well which will be useful when helping others copy your guide to starting a website. (100 plus per referral signup)

Go to Blue Host and register one now.

Get StartedYou will have to purchase the domain – 8 to 12 dollars per year ( unless you are trying to get a popular domain name which can be costly )

Select the Hosting package that you would like.

  • The basic package is great to get you started.
  • Get a Domain.
  • 5 Email Accounts. ( 100 MB per email )
  • Select the basic Package.
  • Enter your information and Check pricing varieties ( 3 year plan = cheaper per month dues)
  • Set up your username and password for login
  • Wait for order to authorize and get confirmed.
  • Confirm your email address

Get login Details and get started with the next step.


Login to your bluehost panel

Go to website and click on ” Install WordPress

The set up is self-explanatory and very simple to follow. This should take you about 10 minutes.

You will need to set up your username and password ( as admin to your WordPress site )

WordPress is one of most reliable and common platforms online and it is a platform I recommend for people because of its professional and simple tools that can help any new comer become website savvy.

The plugins are really helpful and come for various website needs, taking loads of work off your hands.

Get Started


Tips – Once you login to your dashboard on WordPress

  • Go to plugins and deactivate MOJO Marketplace
  • Delete the first post that comes with it ” Hello world “

Theme Selection – Want cool theme that is Free ? No problem WordPress has loads of theme that are a snap, easy one click installs as well.

Now that You have your website domain, hosting and WordPress set up it’s time to write an article about the subject or nitch you are targeting. Check out these Great Tips on writing effective articles for higher ranking

Email Marketing and building Email List

This is a very important step to grow your business. By Growing your list you are growing your business. There are various companies and services that provide free services to get you started.

The benefits of having a list deserves a book on the subject. I won’t bore you with all the details now.

Get Two Free Account and start building your email list

Partner Video Updated Example

Start a Free Plan

Read benchmarkemail review to learn more about this email marketing company

Building Online Training and Tracking your links.



There are various companies that can provide this service, but I have a source that is very extensive and beneficial for their members.

Your one stop all learning center is Click Track Profits

It will give you various tools, sites and methods to explode your website visitors and conversions.

They provide over 50 courses that are a step by step program designed to help you learn everything you need to learn when it comes to making money online.

Their best feature is their ability to make it fun and enjoyable. You earn points and rewards that will help you follow thru on what to do to earn online. It really exposes how technically it can get and why the big earnings make the figures they do. Best part its accessible for free to all members.  Get your free account now

Getting Traffic –

Udimi - Buy Solo Ads

I will recommend this site because it has many experts – Sign up free
It’s great because you can purchase highly targeted traffic, or even sell it once you start building your subscribers. It offers a 15% for life referral program which can be very profitable in itself.

Your clicks are protected and filtered so that you are genuinly getting 100% unique traffic to your site. Worth it in more ways then one.

I really hope you apply these steps and get going. Setting up the website domain, hosting is easy and will take 20 minutes.

The email campaign set up and subscriber list should also be about 20 minutes.

Click track trainings is intensive and can take a day or two to finish but well worth it for you.

Getting traffic is a very important step and having a great source is just as important.

This page will be getting updated so make sure you check back time to time.