Getmyads Review A scam or Legit

Getmyads Review

Getmyads review is to help people understand what I think about it and reasons why I wouldn’t get in with them as well. A traffic giant in the industry with less then 1 year in business, very impressive ? Not likely

To earn with getmyads, you must be a paying member and as a free member you earn zero commissions. Like many other scams Getmyads has no product or service. As far as im concerned.

How does it work ?

They hype their traffic sources and brag about having a massive reach of 75 traffic networks with over 24000 sites and reaching over 300 million monthly users.
You are required to buy 1 token that will make you add appear to all these people. Each token will cost YOU $50 dollars and you can purchase up to 1000 tokens ( cool fifty thousand investment on tokens ) but wait there is more.


Starter: 20 Tokens
Business Builder: 50 Tokens
Success Builder: 200 Tokens
Business Expansion Team: 500 Tokens
1K Diamond Team: 1,000 Tokens
5K Diamond Team: 5,000 Tokens
President Team: 10,000 Tokens
President 1 Star: 20,000 Tokens
President 2 Star: 50,000 Tokens
President 3 Star: 100,000 Tokens

I wont go into exact details about all this and the pay outs because they wont go into the details either.. Yet, more promises of more money

Getmyads review compensation plan.

Earn 12% commissions on 2 level deep sponsorship’s under you and whoever is under them.
Makes you wonder about all those levels mentioned above huh.

Its not even worth your time, beside the cool looking site and massive numbers they have hidden domain and unknown who the owners are.

Frank Hanson it seems is a poster man for the company because beside the affiliates and website talking about him, I can’t seem to find him online in my researches to verify who he is.

These kind of ad share, ad revenue programs start hot and fall fast. Myadspays is not even 1 year old, so expect to hear alot of hype.

I will update the article in the future.. it’s fairly new company so lets see.

Jack Sparrow from pirates of Caribbean was actually a MUSLIM ?

if this article saved you some money and time, then subscribe and share it. With so many companies like this coming around it’s hard  to tell which is legitimate and which isn’t and clearly in my opinion this company isn’t.