Global Domain International Review – GDI

GDI – Global Domain International Review

Global Domain International is an established company that has been around for a good while and thus clear indication that its a legitimate company and opportunity.

Their product and service

They sell .WS domain sites and provide hosting for $10 monthly.

Affiliate Program
Global Domain International affiliate program which is 5 levels deep and with great team building and many website sold it’s possible to make a decent income with them.

You earn 1 dollar per personal sign up and earn 1 dollar per sale from the down-line. Thus if you have small team and don’t grow to reach hundreds even thousands expect very little income from Global Domains International.


Hosting and domain name at 10 dollars per month is doable for most people. GDI has been in business for a good time and it’s safe to say they run a serious company with few complaints.


The limitation behind the only .WS domains. and don’t find them that appealing or common and most likely won’t buy such a domains

The affiliate program is good for established marketers who know how to reach thousands of people.

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Final Thoughts

If you are new to home business then Global Domain International would be a bad fit because the earning potential is difficult to reach as you need a huge team to make a good income.

Global Domain International is a company that can be good for some people, but not most people. Most will struggle to earn with this if they rely on it as sole source of commission income. Plus who really wants a .ws domain ?

I wouldn’t say GDI is a scam at all, just that it’s a company for people who would like the .ws domains and at 10 monthly, that’s not a bad deal for them. Check it out

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update – I tried their seven day trial and they ended up charging my account before the trial was expired. Not very impressive service at all and Now i’m waiting to see if they actually give refunds.