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Gold is Golden Among Fiat Currencies

Why is Gold is Golden Among Fiat Currencies ? What is the currency backed by the most common known thru out the history of mankind ? Even is the scriptures of God ?

Is it fiat currency, paper money, stock markets and digital money that can be sent in the billions with a few clicks of a tiny digital mouse ? Well actually currency that is talked about in scripture are rather very simple and straight forward. Gold and Silver ( in Torah mentions copper as well ) Thus metal assets are recommended currency.

People attack God for many of the problems in the world, but they simply don’t realize the impact fiat currency was on the modern industrial era. I know you are thinking the revolutionary industrial move in Europe that build factories, tall towers and moved mankind forward. Fact is that is not where you should be looking at, Look at the impact it had on the war industry. Who supported the wars.  This is why Gold is Golden Among Fiat Currencies because it restricts the damage an industry like war can do.
Wars now adays became much easier to declare when you can print money on paper. Click To Tweet

Why would I even talk about that ?

Simply it opened the doors to endless funding to wars. Studying history we cannot disregard it as to being insignificant, but for certain it brought a great deal of destruction in past few hundred years, as it continues on today.

If you are paying attention, they reject bills that can help the public and say ‘ we don’t have the money for it” Then a few days later they pass bills in billions to support war efforts. Very sad reality, but it’s not far-fetched to believe when we see it being done today in our modern times.

Fiat money was a great tool to enslave lots of people as well push global war agendas. Is fiat currency to blame for all the wars ? certainly not, we can only blame the war mongers and those gaining from it. Fiat currency is a great idea if done right.

We live in a society and a times that we desperately need to balance our economy and it must start with the people.

A stable economy requires a stable currency or money system, this is why its crucial that all people start building a Gold n Silver account.

Sounds money for your family, and the generations to come.

USA currency used to be backed by Gold and Silver. Watch this documentary and Share your thoughts in comments.

Gold and Silver are precious metals : That are not as available as we would like and throughout history they always played a part in commerce of people through out mankind. We do have a few exception as always with people, not all nations or tribes used Gold and Silver, but most of the advanced nations indeed have plenty of Gold and Silver.

Now a days who has Gold and Silver as secure money in-case the authority of the fiat currency collapses ? What better investment than to save in Gold and Silver. People will say ” well you can’t carry it with you or you can’t buy stuff with it ” Fact is you don’t need to carry it and being able to buy stuff with it will change soon. Thanks to digital technology, we don’t have to carry it anywhere and can actually use it to buy with it.  It’s important to understand that even if you can’t use gold to make purchases. Having Gold is and will always be more secure than fiat currencies.

Take into consideration to start a Gold saving Account.  Whatever happens in the market and Gold prices, rest assured that Gold will always carry its value because it is a precious metal that had always held it’s worth.

Gold is Golden among Fiat CurrenciesGold is a currency that can be used to make purchases, it’s accepted as money in over 190 countries world-wide and growing.

Remember fiat currency has no real value, it gets its value from the bank printing it.One U.S dollar can be worth more than 100’000 bill from another country, yet both are paper currencies.

Top Reasons Gold is Golden Among Fiat Currencies

1. Gold offers protection against inflation and currency reform
2. Gold bars are global cash
3. Gold is in crisis times, a stable investment
4. Gold is a limited resources and is not reproducible (as far as we know)
5. Global demand for gold is higher than supply
6. The purchase and sale of investment gold is exempt from VAT

Gold will serve as capital protection in many ways against failure of fiat currencies. I’m not suggesting we should save everything in Gold or silver or Both. Gold savings account will certainly help in creating a more secure financial future.

Gold Savings Security with Bullions

Gold and Silver bullion’s, or coins Savings account : Certainly will help anyone planning for a better, more stable future. Having sound money is not only beneficial to families, but societies as a whole. Even governments need to follow a more sound money system.  Thinking about my family and children’s future I have to take into consideration the best financial options I have now for their future.

Sometimes it’s not only about us, it’s about those who come after us and what are we leaving for them to make the world a better place.

We have countries borrowing money endlessly from financial institutes or other countries, yet the countries that are getting one out of debt, is itself in debt and we think, how can someone in debt get someone else out of debt and who are they all in debt to ? Watch the video above in full to get better idea to who owns the financial institutes.

If you see the value of the importance of sound money then share this Get real Value for your investment and start converting your cash to Gold Asset – Take a Look Here and Start your new stable financial security.

Take matters into your hands and start saving in Gold today.

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