Haitian President Asks Donald Trump To Expose Clinton Foundation

Haitian President Asks Donald Trump To Expose Clinton Foundation

At a recent Trump event in Little Haiti in Miami, FL.

Former president of Haiti Bernard Sansaricq addresses Donald Trump and Asks him to expose The… Click To Tweet

in regards to the Haitian crisis and their involvement in corrupt policies towards Haiti as well keeping most of the AID money.

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Statement From Trump Campaign

Donald Trump Campaign has released statement on their official site

“Shame on Hillary Clinton and her foundation for even thinking about profiting off of the humanitarian crisis in my country. As my people were dying, Hillary was abusing her position as Secretary of State and prioritizing access to what the State Department viewed as a ‘gold rush’ for her wealthy donors in exchange for exorbitant speaking fees and large donations to the Clinton Foundation. Hillary Clinton is so deep in the pockets of special interest groups and wealthy donors that she has admitted she’s ‘out of touch’ with what the American people need, and this latest revelation again calls into question whether or not she was born with a working moral compass.” – Bernard Sansaricq, Former President of Haitian Senate

I’m not aware of such things as the main stream media never truly addressed such issues. Clearly though it’s obvious the main stream media will ignore what they want and highlight what they want.

Do these accusations have any real grounds ? well for certain more should be look into the subject the get the facts.

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