Four Year Anniversary to Libya’s Freedom From Qaddafi

Happy Anniversary to Libya’s Freedom From Qaddafi

On 10/18/2016 was the four year anniversary to Libya’s Freedom from Qaddafi and towards democracy. A step Clinton supported along with many allies of the war machine.

On 10/18/2012 US and Allie Backed forces went into Libya and captured Muammar Qaddafi, under rebel hands Qaddafi was beaten and tortured and didn’t make it to trial like Saddam Hussein did.

The rebels paraded him around and he was reported to have died in their hands.

The Dictator Qaddafi

Muammar Qaddafi came into power as a colonel in 1967, what was at the time one of the poorest nations in Africa.

With low literacy and many poor in Libya and being a dessert land a good deal of people lived in tribes as they did for generations.

Qaddafi came to power thru force like many others before him, applied his rule and was harsh even to certain extent. He ruled for one of the longest periods in Africa.

He was able to uplift the country to having one of the highest literacy in Africa, improving city life and urban life. Making life better for his country is more ways then people recognize.

But this isn’t about him it’s about the Libyan people freedom as we were sold.

Libya Today

Today Libya is divided between two states which one is more radical then the other and one being on east and other on west.
Under Qaddafi they were united, now are divided.

The state on left is the allied state which worked with the democratic forces to free Libyans from Qaddafi. When the rebels came to power also by force, they established their state and removed the Libyan officials.

The other state which isn’t a state is no sense because no official government in place, no police, no army and just more extreme groups.

So Basically Libya today is two factions fighting over control of the money, the resources and the land. What many have shown as well that rebel weapons in Syria have been funneled thru Libya.

Is Libya better off today then it was under Qaddafi ? what do you think so far ?

Rise of Isis

Isis was no such thing until about 65% of rebels fighting in Libya started shipping towards Syria. Where did Isis come from ?

Like Alqaeda ( a cia operation to fund extremist against Russians, turned into global threat )

ISIS is metastasizing at an alarming rate in Libya, under the leadership of one Abdelhakim Belhadj. Fox News recently admitted that Mr. Belhadj “was once courted by the Obama administration and members of Congress” and he was a staunch ally of the United States in the quest to topple Gaddafi. In 2011, the United States and Senator McCain hailed Belhadj as a “heroic freedom fighter” and Washington gave his organization arms and logistical support. Now Senator McCain has called Belhadj’s organization ISIS, “probably the biggest threat to America and everything we stand for.”

Under Gaddafi, Islamic terrorism was virtually non existent and in 2009 the US State Department called Libya “an important ally in the war on terrorism”. Read Full Article

UAs you may have heard ISIS is responsible for much terror attacks in Iraq, Syria, Libya, France, even tried to claim other acts as to being their own.

Will people learn that these illegal wars only lead to more problems and terrorism ? since 2001 when war on terror began it increased 4000%

9/11 Memorial in JC

Final Thoughts

Clearly this war on Libya was a deliberate act for big business and war business.

How the media sold this as justified intervention is disgusting and knowing how it leads to more extremist training grounds. The chaos in the region is very un-comforting.

The War talk is endless and Syria was supposed to be the next Libya but Assad and Syrians were more alert to what happened in Iraq and Libya thus, knew even if Assad was not best option, he is better then compete chaos as demonstrated in Libya and Iraq.

Thanks to democracy and operations as such to free people from dictatorships, became nothing more then smaller, more radical, tyrannical, little dictators.

Was it worth it ? Comment below or share it