I think Bernie Sanders Got This USA 2016

I think Bernie Sanders Got This USA 2016
With What Happened in Iowa. One can’t help but to question things as to say ” WHAT ARE THE DOING ?” A Coin toss determined who won Iowa ???
For sure Bernie got the receiving end of the deal as Hillary inched her win but mere a double headed coin possible ??? lets look at the footage.

SO As you can see it was won by a coin toss, it was THAT CLOSE. HMMMM

I talked about this on one of my blogs here is a piece from it

I personally like sanders and believe he has a better track history and just over all much more balanced and from all present candidates, he is the best available choice. It’s clear that the right change is needed and it starts in wall street and big banks that get away with the worst of crimes against thousands of families.

The housing bubble was just one of many example of methods done to illegal make lots of money, while getting unaware citizens who thought they were being helped, instead of being robbed. Such a shameful time when banking are forclosing on people and kicking them to the streets.

Need I mention there are 3 vacant homes to every homeless person. It’s time to reform and fix much in our society, our economy and most importantly moral value.

Have a greater value of yourself, that is important. Get involved in politics, because it is involved with you and us and our families. For so long the people have ignored so much corruptions, it’s time for solutions and the people are more aware them ever of the problems.  Read Full Post

What makes things worst for Hillary is that so much of her past is catching up to her. Some say she is lucky she is not in prison already. I read one article calling her the felon for president. It was very shocking to read the details about the dark history of politics and power.

This Video was an eye opener for sure. Watch it below

So what do you think now ?
I think Bernie Sanders Got This USA 2016
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