Improve Your Writing Rank With 5 Simple Tips

Improve Your Writing Rank With 5 Simple Tips

Improve Your Writing Rank With 5 Simple Tips : Lets Go over a few things that you need to know.
Bloggers/writers ignore them and in turn the readers lose interest or focus fast.
These tips will help you become a better writer in your blogs, articles and posts.

Posting content has changed and those 1200 word types of posts are less useful to users. Unless it’s filled with a well structured article that covers step by step content.

Shorten Your Sentences

Writing longer sentences doesn’t always work in your favor.
Tip number 1 : When you write try to be more direct and to the point. You can always play with the words in your favor, but you have to focus on the readers as well.

Make shorter sentences when you can.
Consider that others will read the content and it’s always better to make it simple and to the point.

300 Words or More

Your article/blog post should at least contain 300 words or more. Search engines like posts full of content, but readers prefer simple, direct reading. Balancing the two will be beneficial to your site and visitors.

Go over your content and see if you can reword something in a better way. When I update posts, you will find new ways to improve the content, and adding new content as well.

On my site, I try to post between 300-600 words on each of my posts.

Free Writing Tool ( Good Help )

This will help you check and see how robots see your site ( in some sense ) so it can help you structure your articles/posts and tweak it out. Hemingway Editor Click Here
It’s really simple to use. Once you write your article, copy and paste it for the check. Modify your words as suggested to improve readability. Copy it again and re-paste it on your blog. That is it.

Very simple process and will give you a big boast, quickly in writing better articles.

Structure Your Post’s Words

Structuring your article/post is important and using words that will benefit your post. Countless experts came up with a simple structure.

  • Headings: 7 words or less
  • Sentences: 16-19 words
  • Paragraphs: 35-70 words
  • Documents: 450 words or less

As you can see how you can structure so your posts are more effective.

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Final Tips Thoughts

*You are designed to naturally improve whatever you are doing.

If you are talking about a business, or doing a review. Structure the post with the details you need to share with readers. Remember to keep it simple along the way.

Improve Your Writing Rank With 5 Simple Tips

  • Write short intro to reader
  • Explain details of your post
  • Expand on your descriptions
  • Give tips along the way
  • conclude your post

These few steps will improve the quality of your writing.

Writing takes practice and the more you write the better you will become. There is no magic to the process, simply write and update. Write about things you are familiar with or personally enjoy. Add your own personal touch and keep it simple and to the point.

Hope you have gained much value from this post and please share it with others who can benefit from it.