Is Vasayo Legit or a Scam ?

Is Vasayo Legit or a Scam ?

Is Vasayo Legit or a Scam ? Vasayo is a new company based out of the united states that will be launching in Jan 3rd.
Founded by Dallin and Karree Larson who were also behind a big successful company called Monavie. Learn More
Many industry leaders are tagging on this and it’s a good sign for home business affiliates.
Now lets go over what the products vasayo offers.

Vasayo Products

Is Vasayo Legit or a Scam ?The Five main products they are launching with are

Vasayo Micro life Nutritional

  • Essentials
  • Neuro
  • Energy
  • Renew
  • Sleep

Vasayo products focus on the body and it’s ability to use the nutritional supplements provided in their products. It’s estimated that most nutritional products don’t get absorbed fast enough by the body and ends up being wasted.

Vasayo products ensure your body to absorb 90% of the nutrition’s provided.

Vasayo Compensation plan

The compensation plan is straight forward. There are 6 ways to get paid. Vasayo pays compensation for sales volumes weekly with no limit on levels. You can earn by selling products, building your team of associates ( downline )

Retail bonus – Get at wholesale, sell at retail and profit
earn bonus cash based on personal team volume points with in first 14 days, another cash bonus after 30 days.

Sponsor Bonus – This pays between 40% – 50% of BV produced by your personal team. Additional pay of 50% for levels 1-3 on customer orders.

Endorsement Bonus – Referring customers which gets you earning you can use to buy products. Earn bonus referral commissions on the first order.

Is Vasayo Legit or a Scam ?Team Bonus – When you refer new team members they are placed under you. It’s important to build your two legs and help your team members to maximize the earnings and compensation plan.

Residual Commissions – Earn residual commission based on the percentage of BV on all your 1-8 levels in placement tree.

In addition to all that : you will get paid a champion bonus, residual match, generation bonus and dream team bonus, car bonus, consistency bonus, leadership bonus, mvp pool bonus, ownership pool bonus and more to come.

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Final thoughts

Seeing how it’s all structure, who is behind the company and how their products are top of the line. It’s clear to see that Vasayo is NOT A SCAM and is a Legit Company.

I love the fact the founders who build various successful business online, put together an even better compensation plan then others. The product is natural and designed to deliver valuable nutrition.

The company is legit, they offer a valuable product. The founders are well established leaders in the industry and proven successful leaders.

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  • Stephen

    Great article!…. experts are predicting Vasayo will grow even faster than MonaVie and become the NEW undisputed fastest growing MLM of all time. Time will tell, but the management, disruptive technology, and field leaders already clamoring for top positions is looking like they just might do it in 2017. It’s really a no brainer to lockin a FREE position right now!