Jack Sparrow a Pirate who Converted to Islam

Jack Sparrow a Pirate who Converted to Islam

Jack Sparrow a Pirate who Converted to Islam : His real name was Jack Ward or Jack Black and was also known as Jack Birdy. Born in the United Kingdom. He was on the run because he and his crew converted to Islam in the late 16th century. Jack Sparrow a Pirate who Converted to Islam.

fleeing to Tunisia he developed a love for little birds and many people would call him Jack Asfor, asfor is bird ( can be any bird ) in Arabic, That is he was called Jack birdy or jack asfor

He had converted to Islam and changed his name to become Yusuf Reis. He was married to another renegade from Christendom who converted to Islam as well her name was Jessimina the Sicilian. A wild man by nature of trade a pirate is no easy career choice but after he converted to Islam he stopped drinking all together and contributed to helping many people fleeing from Spain after the invasion. He saved Jews and Muslims and others who were fleeing and truly would be remarkable to have a none fictional movie about his journey as factual as possible.

Other confirms of this is not some internet hoax of a story, many sources confirm it

Confirming Sources

Many sources confirm this and I will list only a couple of them. For example :

What follows is a recorded performance of William Lithgow’s second visit to Tunis, as a visitor of Captain Jack Ward, five years before his passing. A percentage of the dialog is verbatim from historical record. Each point of interest has been carefully examined for an exact depiction. It is a performance, yet a verifiably established one, no less. In spite of the fact that this starts towards the end of Captain Jack’s life, it is ideally the start of your enthusiasm for this fabulous man; fictionalized in Hollywood, slandered in Christendom and generally overlooked in the Muslim world. This is, however, one of many stories about him, finally coming out from history, longing to be told.

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Also further confirmed the historic tale of Jack Birdie and his reversion to Islam

His Muslim name was Yusuf Reis. He was married to another renegade from Christendom who also converted to Islam, Jessimina the Sicilian. Whilst Captain Jack Birdy was known as a great drunkard, he stopped drinking alcohol when he converted to Islam. He was instrumental in rescuing thousands of Spanish Jews and Muslims fleeing from ethnic cleansing from their lands in the 16th and 17th centuries by Christian extremists (another fact you probably don’t know). And yet you would never know this. No positive image of Islam is depicted in the movie, no clue of this great man’s Islamic roots. It had been airbrushed – deleted from history. Were they afraid to show anything great about Islam? @ Grandestrategy

Final thoughts

It’s rather fascinating how the mainstream media along with Hollywood itself would have at least gave some respect to the real Captain who helped save thousands of lives of Muslims and Jews fleeing from Spain after the European take over by royal families.

The Movie pirates of the Caribbean has truly gained a large audience but what a tragedy of a movie. Wouldn’t it been more appealing if it was based on the known facts ? A bad pirate and his crew, rebelled against the british monarchy, reverts to Islam and plays a large roll in saving thousands of lives helping them get to Africa safely.

Why doesn’t Hollywood use its movies to spread some truth, at least historically accurate events ? They seem to prefer entertainment and falsehood to keep people confused and entertained.

The truth will come out and as shocking as it maybe for some. I’m rather more glad to have learned this fact that can change people prospective about Islam really and what it teaches.

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