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Media Reporting On Islam or Muslims Is biased, hate fueled

For the past years since 9/11 the Media Reporting On Islam or Muslims Is biased, hate fueled which is clear to me.
How come the media decides who’s lives are worth more than other by reporting one story and completely ignoring much worst tragedies, as if their lives does not matter as much.

It’s possible that is exactly what is it, their lives don’t matter as much. Lets pray for France or another European country ( and we should ). We also need to pray for Syria, Libya, Iraq, Sudan, Somalia, Afghanistan, Yemen, Palestine and with all honesty most of the planet because if they are not dying from terrorism, they are dying from politics, hunger, diseases, and preventable issues that go on ignored big time.

Global Media

Fact is most of the Global Media Owned Businesses are Limited to a handful of corporations and it’s rather mind-blowing to think of the power such ownership posses in various parts of the world, with various languages, reaching out billions of people every day, every hour, every minute.

With cell phones, wi-fi and internet things have shifted in a direction that can of great good, or bad. The internet certainly has played a vital role in the balancing of facts and fictions between the intellectuals and openly ignorant. Many hypocrites don’t care what truth is, they are only after their agenda only.

In reference to media and how issues are address when it comes to tragedies it’s extremely unfair and in favor of unfavorable reporting of events and the bad is highlighted, the good is minimized and drama filled programs designed to keep people preoccupied in it and not awake to their existence on the rock floating in space which is a miracle in itself, which of their Lords signs do they deny.

Ignored History

For the past few hundred years, European aggression’s over oil fields, gas lines and geographical positioning have GREATLY affected the Islamic civilizations, regardless of region or language most Muslims practiced an orthodox Islam with balanced economies, travelers went across the Muslim world without passports or check point, created jobs, build universities, advanced studies, revived studies, knowledge was very important and built charity based societies where good deeds n actions is not only aright, but a DUTY.

History in the west hides their atrocities and even use it for selective politics such as ( the holocaust ) is something always remembered, but looking at European atrocities committed against anyone else is to be covered up even if the numbers doubled those of the holocaust. Africa, Asia, America’s the entire planet basically, but they hold themselves as beacons of civility. They are not. if anything they were the last to civilize and to make matters worst, went around colonized most of the world and established European ideologies to replace traditional ways of the inhabitants.

Generalized Thinking

The main stream media never discusses atrocities done by none Muslims as to represent those people base religious beliefs, or none. For example if atheist joe killed someone headlines doesn’t say atheism kills again as headline.
Lets say a christian mark killed someone any reason is given but Christianity is not headlined as for example Christianity kills again. Judaism suffered such publicity back in Europe and they suffered great segregation and abuse because of such media based control of opinion and the larger the scale of abuse the greater the targeted community suffers.

This can be said about all religions, none are generalized by the main stream and other outlets like muslims and islam are.

Pick and Choose Courtesy

We have now anti-semitism which restricts many from verbally attacking Jews and Judaism unjustly, yet sadly that has been hijacked by a certain people who will use it to push their own selfish agendas and plans even if they have nothing to do with Judaism, nor the children of Israel and clearly today’s most media outlets are very pro Israel ( which is fine ) but what is bothers is down grading the Palestinians struggle for independence and targeting them for not leaving as to being the problem. Thing is these Palestinians families and blood lines trace far longer then the new converted Jews from Europe who most likely are NOT from the tribes of the children of Israel thus its very tragic situation in which people use a book that has nothing to do with their people, to persecute a people that are far closer in lineage to the people of that same book, make sense ? it’s rather insane in my opinion.

In another note it’s important to point out anti-semetic must also includes Arabs, since Abraham is the father of both nations, making both nations semetics. Also the semetic languages are Hebrew, Aramiac and Arabic thus why you find similar words in all three languages. For example Shalom Alaykhum in hebrew is Salam Alaykum in Arabic. In Aramiac Eeshusa ( jesus) said Allaha, Arabs say Allah. Hebrew it’s Elloh but said as Ellohim ( for royalty n respect) thus clearly they share far more in-common then previously thought.

Islamic Terrorism ?

Why does the media stress to endure the terms “Islam” “Islamic” Muslims” to always be linked to terrorism is because the military machine needs its wars and weapons to sell and advance ( what better place to experiment new weapons then a live battle field, right ? ) The middle east is turning into a giant battle field where mostly innocent people, elderly, women and children are suffering greatly and the world looks away because they feel these wars are justified or worst because of mainstream and other fraudulent sources teach that this is the only solution.

It’s important for more people to get involved and simply share the truth and facts and let others decide based on that, not based on manipulated news lines, stories or even fraudulent reports.  I’ve visited many Islamophobia spreading sites and noticed great deal of lies and miss-translation intended to make the Quran and Muslims look bad. Pathetic ploys which only work on those who trust them, but they are not trust worthy and people need to do their own research.

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