Meet Green Party Nominee Jill Stein

Meet Green Party Nominee Jill Stein

Meet Green Party Nominee Jill Stein which the main stream media just picked up on. She wishes to help improve the country by addressing certain factors. Factors like war and foreign intervention, predatory banking, affordable healthcare and free college for students.

She compares pretty good with Bernie sanders as here are some major subjects they agree on Check out this photo provided by her campaign.  Jill Stein Official Page


As you can see the two fair out pretty well.

Jill does not take money from corporate America, her campaign is financed by her supporters and her proposals are being criticized by mainstream media. Main stream media is though in pocket of the same corporate sponsors of the big major candidates.

In recent appearance she spoke about the two running candidates from republicans we have Donald Trump and from democrats we have Hillary Clinton ( even though Bernie was the one who got the most votes and Hillary mainly won in electronic counted voted machines states )

Jill said about these candidates what all American’s know already

“The American people are saying that politics as usual has been throwing them under the bus,” she added. “The two major party candidates have the highest ratings of disapproval and distrust of any candidate anywhere at any time throughout our history.”

Being a Bernie supporter, I’m more trusting of Jill then the mentioned republican or democrat candidates. She would be a candidate who will put American’s best interest first.

You can read Jill’s plan Here

We are at a point in America where we need to select real candidates with real plans to fix things and with the democratic and republican parties I sense we are getting two heads of the same coin.

Why is Jill Different ? Watch this video

Get the word out about Jill Stein and support freedom in America and help in electing a proper candidate for the people.