Meet the Rufous Hornero

Meet the Rufous Hornero

This bird is commonly found in Argentina and is their national bird. Not very attractive in look with its plain simple colors which are mainly brown and eggshell with some white by the throat and body.
The are found as well in Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay.
They are not afraid of humans and will build their home wherever they find suitable for their family.

Regardless of their beauty ( which they still are ) They are very creative and handy as far as family life.

Breeding Info

Couples come together for a few month to build their home. The breeding begins between august and December. The parents will be tending to 3-4 eggs which are incubated by both parents for 17 days before hatching. New born are taken care of for the next month developing their wings for flight.

Check out the photos of how it starts, till its done.img_1179img_1178img_1177img_1176img_1175

As you can see why the process can take a month to build.

Eating Habits

The Rufous Hornero  diet consists of mainly insects and their larvae. Invertebrates are their specially but on occasions they eat vegetables, fruits and seeds

I find animal kingdom very fascinating and will be posting more on nature and it’s beauty.

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