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Michael Pollan: In Defense of Food – Review

Michael Pollan: In Defense of Food. Food is rather an important subject isn’t it ? I mean is oxygen important ? well now that we cleared that out of the way. Id like you to watch this video and listen carefully what is said.

The food industry, along with a complicit congress, has destroyed our diet, reducing food to a list of nutrients. Some are supposedly good for you while others are bad. Which nutrient is on which list changes frequently. We obsess about nutrition yet we don’t know how to eat. In his new book, In Defense of Food, Michael Pollan steers us out of this dilemma.

Growing up in the middle east and coming here one of the first thing I remember noticing how the fruits weren’t as flavorful as the ones Ive had over seas, but whatever I thought different place, their food must taste different. Now that I gotten more info about how messy the food we have now is. It’s shameful that it has ever gotten that bad to begin with.

This is very informative report that Discusses why food is being compromised between government and industry and how health and real food is taking a back seat to more industry interests for it’s industry. We are eating food like substances that have no real counterpart in nature. What I don’t understand is why would they even need to do that, when in fact man is smart enough to produce enough food, real food that has real natural nutrition that work with our bodies and are not un-natural substances that work against the body.

What are the real effects of such practices and do they have any real studies that support their safety ? well as I’m typing the question it came to mind how this industry is effecting the government so do they need any real studies to support anything ? HMMMMM, you be the judge of that.

Natural grown foods are richer and more nutritious then the industry foods. I think it’s time to look into growing my own foods, possible a garden for tomatoes, lettuce, potatoes, strawberries, whatever I can fit and possibly few herbs like cilantro. It’s amazing if you look up methods on how to grow your own food. God-bless all the amazing people out there and their innovations, ideas and various methods to grow your own food.

Two instant benefits of starting a small garden.

1- It will give you something to do with you family
2- It will give you and your family all natural amazing food.

This video delivers a very important fact that there is something not right with all the special interests in the food industry that seem to only be concerned about profits and making money, getting away with their deceptive methods to sell their un-healthy foods as healthy.  What is really good for us ? who does one trust ?

Can a corporation like Braundo take over the FDA and FCC and other government agencies and set the standards of what our diet should be about… If you don’t know the Braundo thirst mutilator is then please watch this short clip from Idiocracy

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Michael Pollan: In Defense of Food is an example of how this actually can happen ?  Maybe it’s happening as we speak now and more acts are coming in to protect the profits of the industry. Michael Pollan: In Defense of Food should be taking into great consideration because like I made it clear early in the post. Food is just as important as oxygen and with our food, all the profits can’t feed us.

One thing to call people of the past uncivilized, because if being civilized is doing what it takes to make as much money as possible, even at the expense of others, nature itself. Maybe it’s we who are becoming uncivil because they invest billions on how to live on mars, yet they have a perfectly amazing awesome place called earth that they just don’t truly give it it’s due value.

More people should be aware of the dangers of profits. They corrupted much of mankind and it’s path to be civilized.

We should be ProFruits. not Profits.  Share if you agree

Chamel Awari


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