Million Dollar Duplicator Review – Scam or Legit?

Million Dollar Duplicator Review – Scam or Legit?

Well to start, I’m not an huge advocate for trading. The networking I do is product based or service based or even both. Yet my email was bombarded with this company that claims it helps people make over 200k Monthly and right away even. Hmm I thought such a large claim but can they back it up ? Apparently not.

So what is it all about ?

Million dollar duplicator is fairly new company that supposedly will help you make 200k monthly via trading in the market with obscured promises to make you 200k monthly

Facts are this.

Company was launched in Sept/2015 by a man named Michael Bradley, thing is though nobody knows this so called expert trader named Michael Bradley and so many reviews are calling them out on it.

When you go to the site, they have a timer to pressure you to get in, as well the notion that they are giving the software free to only certain people if they sign up quick enough, with testimony of other people who made 200k monthly with them ( easily paid or fake testimony ) lets be realistic here, people making that much money trading monthly everybody will be all over it.

They wouldn’t need to use a timer or any gimmicks to sign people up, simply they let results speak for themselves and if their associates are making that much then where are all the positive reviews about it ?

You watch their video and they don’t discuss the strategies on how you will make money, but sell you vacations and dream lifestyle all people want. They use your dreams to sucker you into joining them.

It looks impressive but sadly all fake to sucker people to submit their info, so then they can be hassled to make a deposit to a broker so they can start the trading.

So why is it a scam ?