Monetize outbound links: VigLink Review

Monetize outbound links: VigLink Review

Monetize outbound links: VigLink Review will go over the Pros, Cons and How it works. Viglink has been in business for almost 8 years and is a US based company that helps publishers monetize their links and ad space on their website.

Their user friendly tech that comes with a fast platform that is direct and simple. A big plus since it’s so easy to use regardless if you are a pro or just starting out. Both will set up their links just as fast, or a few minutes apart.

The revenue distribution is 25% to Viglink and 75% to publishers and pay via paypal. Once you apply and submit info, follow the simple steps, then your site will need to be approved before you start earning.

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As I mentioned the simplicity of it makes it very valuable and it’s truly hassle free system that does most of the work for the member.

SEO friendly and supports multiple platforms from blogs, forums. It does not violate Adsense policies and a great way to monetize your site if you are starting out.

For people with already established site and have outbound links that aren’t making them money, well now they can since viglink can integrate it for you with a simple click. Hands free monetizing solution for all website owners.


It’s not a con so much but since you have to wait for approval before you start earnings is a draw back, but a necessary step to make sure quality of publishers sites.

Tips : It’s important to have a good site that is user-friendly and correct content. Ways to Improve your site rank – Click Here

How it Works

Once you sign up, then you will be provided with an html script that you need to place it on every page you want it to work on. The Code is installed in your Template before the tag.

You also have the option for advanced installation and API documentation guide provided

Check link if it is working by inserting your site address in checker. If it doesn’t work right away, give it a minute or so.

You then will go to settings and finish setting your account up

I prefer to have links open in new window – maybe you might as well.

Simple fast and done

It took less than 5 minutes to set up Get Free Account


Trying various monetizing methods and companies. With Viglinks it will save you a lot of time when it comes to monetizing your content and links in a complete hassle free way that is very productive.

I recommend you give it a try sign up since it’s Free. Since it’s free and fast to set up in a short time you will know if it is for you.

Hope this gave you the need to know about Viglinks and if you found it helpful do share it with others so they can gain from it as well.