Most Bloggers Make This Mistake – Read Now

Most Bloggers Make This Mistake

Most bloggers make this mistake when blogging or starting a blog. Blogging is an experience that is good for all. If you are into writing and discussing issues, then a blog makes sense to get.

What is the mistake I’m referring to ? Well to start my blogging expertise is about 4 years or so and i’m not claiming to be an expert. I just noticed what really harms many blogs take off.

Great Tips to have when starting a blog.

  • Focus your effort on a nitch ( if you are looking to recruit or sell )
  • Provide unique content that is yours. ( more writing, improves your work )
  • Don’t overload it with ads, popups and such things that will end your relationship with potential subscriber.
  • Post articles or schedule a few posts a week
  • Keep your site neat and easy to access
  • Give value in your articles whenever you can
  • Get into Affiliate Marketing ( if you don’t have your own product or service ) Read why Here

These are great tips for bloggers who are starting to build a good user/site relation. If you site is appealing to users, they will return and share your content.

What is the mistake to avoid ?

Bloggers who build their site and it’s great. Loads quick, easy to access, clear fonts, easy readability, have good content, Optimized, indexed and it’s very user ready.

Most blogger will focus so much effort on their blog and improving it, they neglect the most important part. Traffic.

So many blogger neglect to put in enough effort advertising their blog, getting the word out, sharing it and building it with users who enjoy your content.

Users will not magically start showing up at your site because it’s great, with out proper word of mouth and advertisement it will never go anywhere.

Most bloggers make this mistake and you shouldn’t be one of them because what to do is covered in this post.