Muslim Woman Writes The First Quran On Silk Paper

Muslim Woman Writes The First Quran On Silk Paper

silk-paper-quran-3Muslim Woman Writes The First Quran On Silk Paper – Tuzale Memmedzade is an artist from Azerbaijan, a 33-year-old discovered that The Quran was never written on silk paper so she becomes the first to do it.

The project took about 50 meters of transparent Black silk as well 1’500 millilitres of Gold and Silver.

She studied art history in Marmara University in Turkey and the Quran she wrote is the authentic version of the Quran globally.

Since so many media outlets attack women role in Islam its important to point out the Facts. Women played major roles in growth of early Islam. First Muslim was a woman, first to die for Islam was a woman and the list is grand with women that are praised in the Muslim world.

Muslim Woman Writes The Quran On Silk Paper

Now we also have the first person in history to write the Quran on Silk Paper

Wouldn’t you know it ? Adding more value about women’s role in Islam. The first university builds in Islamic history is built by a woman.

Muslim Woman Writes The Quran On Silk Paper

You can tell How delicate this project was for her and why it took 3 years to complete

The clear look gives it a very beautiful style, that fits the glorious book. Only those who study it will understand its magnificence and why it’s loved by billions.

The finished look

silk-paper-quranIts master piece for sure. Learn More

The Quran in my opinion a book that did not come from the mind of a man.

Being lucky enough to know how to speak Arabic, read n write it as well. I can read it in the original language.  The Arabic language is a very deep language that respectful needs sufficient study for years.  Arabic/Aramaic/Hebrew are sister languages and share much words in common.

It’s fair to say this book is for thinkers and people who use their minds. So start investigating it.

One of the features I love about the Quran is the challenge it brings to humanity.

Noble Verse 2:23 “And if ye are in doubt about what We have revealed from time to time to Our servant, then produce a Sura like thereunto; and call your witnesses or helpers (If there are any) besides God, if your (doubts) are true.”

Respect to this sister for doing something that was never done in Islamic history ever.