New Screen Technology Powered By Giant Clams

New Screen Technology Powered By Giant Clams
It seems that we can find some of the most amazing advances in the mostly over looked things. Like who would have thought a clam can change the way displays and screens to a whole new advancement.

It was reported by the study that New Screen Technology Powered By Giant Clams

Amitabh Ghoshal, an optical physicist at the University of California, Santa Barbara and his team are studying these giant clams, not dining on them, to see how their iridescent cells interact with algae to enhance photosynthesis. Some of the colors created by these clams put computer screens and cell phones displays to shame and the researchers wondered if they could discover the clams’ secret and use it to enhance video technology.

These colorful giant clams are native to the coral reefs of the Pacific and Indian oceans. Their exposed flesh has iridescent cells which generate a variety of colors from shades of green and blue to gold and the seldom-seen white. No two giant clams have identical colors. The clams absorb nutrients from algae, while the algae live off the nitrogen-rich waster from the clams. Like solar cells, photosynthesis converts light into energy. Could the secrets of the giant clams be used to better solar cells as well?

Their goal is to create and control structures similar to those on the clams to build color-reflective displays that work with ambient light like sunlight or indoor lighting. With the clam’s ability to look so bright so deep under water, this should help develop screens that work better in low light conditions. Source : Mysterious universe


New Screen Technology Powered By Giant Clams is it not amazing how we have yet to learn and many can’t humble themselves in the proof of the Creator ?
People who are stuck on this all happened by chance and accident, can’t hold argument truly when the system is studied and understood of how technical the processes really are.

What they also discovered was the two different types of clam shells, used different methods to produce white as if they knew of the current methods we use today to create white. Simply incredible stuff. It’s always amazing what nature can teach us everyday. I encourage you to check out the full report Here Biological Analogs

One day hopefully, but can this one day threaten the Big Clams of our oceans ? I sure hope not. I hope they understand the technology and further add to it what we can. Smart phones are a part of people lives and anything to improve that experience is a go for most.

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New Screen Technology Powered By Giant Clams