What is One Coin ? Review

What is One Coin ? Review

What is One Coin ? ReviewWhat is One Coin ? Review : One coin is being pushed by many affiliates in hopes this is going to be another bitcoin.
The domain is private owned and the site is hosted in Bulgaria and does business based on Bulgarian laws.


The way they operate their company, it will be shut down in USA ( which explains why its not available in USA  )most likely many other countries as well and here is why.

Their Products

They don’t offer any real products or service. The notion is hinted that they will offer incite to cryptocurrency, but clearly the word is attached to the site ( plot ) to give it more credibility. The fact it is Not any of the sort.

They claim they have over 700 Million mined coins already. That they have millions of users world wide, yet in reality all that exists only in their own web page advertising.

Mining Coins

The silly tool of solving math problems gives the impression that you are doing work to earn coins. Reality is though you are getting coins that come from thine air. There is no real mining process.

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Making Money

Since the coins come from thine air, they don’t have any real value at all. This is where referral program comes in so you are forced to recruit others to earn.

You will get paid 10% in a downline you can build. Earn 10% From the order made by your referral. It’s not clear though if this is paid once or every time they order.

Final Thoughts

This scam is really bad in many ways and people need to avoid it. They will encourage you to buy coin packages which will lead to you paying for worthless coins.

Many sites also warn about it and give further details to their scam operation. I just wanted to cover the most important things you need to know. Medium or behind mlm and many others.

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Its only a matter of time when it will collapse and many thousands of people will lose their money.
Don’t be among them and do share this with anyone thinking about it.