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Origins of Thanksgiving Holiday

Thanksgiving was one of those holidays I always looked forward too when I was a young man. I was taught the story of the dinner between the native Americans and the pilgrims in which there was co-operations that helped the first settlers build a new life in the new world.


It is reported that a man named Squanto who had survived previous English explorers, contributed greatly to helping the new pilgrims settle in new world. This native American taught them how to grow corn, fish and negotiated a peace treaty with pilgrims with other native American nations.

Year end marks the first great feast honoring Squanto/natives for their help and guidance and origins of Thanksgiving Holiday
After word got around about the new settled Englishmen, opportunist wanted to take advantage of this and create new wealth for themselves ( many called time puritans ) started arriving in boat loads, with not so humble methods applied by earlier settlers.

The puritans started capturing lands, attacking natives, didn’t respect any treaties and it lead to further war with natives that lead to the Pequot war which was one of the deadliest in native American history.

13 things about the Pequot war

Thru various new treaties the colonies were able to subdue other native American tribes. New alliances and many killed, but the allies celebrated thanksgiving.
What happened was many nations were eliminated and eventually they turned on their allies yet again.

Get this book for Great details. [(The Invasion of America: Indians, Colonialism, and the Cant of Conquest)] [Author: Francis Jennings] published on (February, 2010)

Another good source about the events that took place in those times is The Civil Wars 1637-1653 (Sutton Pocket Histories)

Religion of the pilgrims

Even though many wish to hide this simple fact that the pilgrims were Christians, the church became a tyranny that was dictating their lives in matters that were unbearable.  Many even called them outcasts and fugitives. But once they started settling the bureaucrats started coming around and brought with them the tyrannical European thinking.

The early settlers were not like the puritans who are conservative, extreme and were behind a good deal of most aggression and atrocities committed in new world.
The puritans had a great way to demonize native Americans. They always portrayed natives as savage people while they were of the nobles. ( tactics commonly used against many other races, nationalities and still happens today. just pay attention ).

What happened eventually ?

Once more waves of Englishmen kept coming, more violence escalated and more tribes were eliminated. Sadly the allies themselves suffered similar fate.
After the new settlement got bigger and bigger, the idea of pure race vs savages well established. Now it was a responsibility to eradicate all natives.
The Native Americans lost most of their lands and thanksgiving was established as holiday by George Washington. Most history books don’t give the exact details of events, but they hardly crack the surface to what happened.

Thanksgiving Today

Thanksgiving was a day with humble origins, people feeling persecution, found shelter in new lands and is a reminder of their peace treaty that helped settle the new land. History shows us eventually opportunist took control of things and used media, public influence to turn against people who helped them in the start. It all makes sense when we add money factor to equation. Why else would they plot to capture lands, oppress its people ? Mass profits.

Consumerism has always been an enemy to mankind not only Native Americans

Perfect example today is after thanksgiving comes ? Black Friday.
Thanksgiving on Nov 24th.
Black Friday on Nov 25th.
After a day of remembering founding days or what good is mentioned from it with the turkey dinner, corn, as well various dishes depending on various areas.
Next day comes the day of pillaging and show no mercy at the lines for some cheap products that most can do with out to begin with.

Final Thoughts

Happy Thanksgiving for everyone and Wish the true spirit of understanding and peace regains popularity for seeing how removing native American’s might have been very harmful to begin with. Why remove the servants of the lands ? All for profits ? They could have made 100X the profits if they operate properly.

Native American’s for most part were simple people who lived off necessities. Materialism as well much of European ruling ideologies meant little to them. They were more connected to the earth, spirit and life as they witnesses it in the kingdom around them. Native Americans valued life more then the Europeans did and would have taught them much back then.

Let this thanks giving and others be more about understanding the value of life itself for in truth. if the natives responded with aggression then the early settlers would had no chance to survive from the start and that is an important reminder and something to be thankful for.

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