President Eisenhowers Masjid Visit in Washington

President Eisenhowers Masjid Visit in Washington

President Eisenhowers Masjid Visit in Washington happened on June 28th, 1957. The president began his address with these statements

Mr. Ambassador, Dr. Bisar, Governors of the Islamic Center, and distinguished guests: It is a privilege to take part in this ceremony of dedication.

Meeting with you now, in front of one of the newest and most beautiful buildings in Washington, it is fitting that we re-dedicate ourselves to the peaceful progress of all men under one God.

And I should like to assure you, my Islamic friends, that under the American Constitution, under American tradition, and in American hearts, this Center, this place of worship, is just as welcome as could be a similar edifice of any other religion. Indeed, America would fight with her whole strength for your right to have here your own church and worship according to your own conscience.

This concept is indeed a part of America, and without that concept we would be something else than what we are.

Such powerful way to establish American Values in such a short sentence, America had always had it’s bad events and went thru many troubles to find itself as a nation. Yet the real vision of America lives on and President Dwight Eisenhower had that vision

The visit was to ensure the Muslim community that they are Americans and have the right to be Americans. During those times, some tensions was happening in middle east and Iran was in the picture.

Since we don’t need to use our imagination on how far the media can run away with something to spread fear and hate, to get more bucks from advertisers.

His visit helped thousands of families across the united states to feel at home again at a time when it felt like it wasn’t. Today we are coming across same type tensions and Muslims are being associated to terrorist agents of war machines.

Establishing the long history between Islamic Nations and America

Morocco was first nation to acknowledge American Independence
During the American Revolution, so many American ships used to call at the port of Tangiers that the Continental Congress sought recognition from the “Emperor” of Morocco to establish good relations between the two countries. This recognition was granted in 1777, making Morocco the first country to recognize the United States of America. Source

President Continues his speech with a much needed message for many across the world to hear again.

Our country has long enjoyed a strong bond of friendship with the Islamic nations and, like all healthy relationships, this relationship must be mutually beneficial.

Civilization owes to the Islamic world some of its most important tools and achievements. From fundamental discoveries in medicine to the highest planes of astronomy, the Muslim genius has added much to the culture of all peoples. That genius has been a wellspring of science, commerce and the arts, and has provided for all of us many lessons in courage and in hospitality.

This fruitful relationship between peoples, going far back into history, becomes more important each year. Today, thousands of Americans, both private individuals and governmental officials, live and work – and grow in understanding – among the peoples of Islam.

Read Full Address here – Source

What does this Mean ?

Americans seems to forget the important impact Muslims had with the building of this great nation for many people from all across the globe. The growth comes with greater understanding in which America has been exceptional at.

Despite the media attempts to spread fear and anxiety among people, Americans in general are a people who follow their hearts and they themselves are mislead to such phobias.

It seems along America history a hatred had always existed in which indirectly continued.
First it was American Natives, then blacks, then Japanese, then brown and along those years a mixture of hate developed for various people. Now it seems it’s Muslims turn and America never learns

After all previous issues what do we get ? unity and understanding prevails over the hate. Islam is religion that teaches a muslim must abid by the laws of the country they reside in and it’s that simple really.

This is why millions of American’s are Muslims and follow Islam and contribute daily to America via schools, hospitals, law firms, ect.
Muslims are woven into the fabric of America since day one because Muslims were the first to acknowledge and recognize American’s want for freedom and independence.

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President Eisenhowers Masjid Visit in Washington

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