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President of USA 2016 – Donald Trump

Certainly you are aware now that Donald Trump is the new president of the United States of America and this shocking turn of events has many people upset, while some rejoice ( for the wrong reasons ) and others are just taking it as it is.

Certain cities are protesting this and practicing their freedom of speech. What I don’t understand is why some of these protesters turn to vandals and attack their own city.. Makes no sense at all. If you are to protest then do so peacefully, no need for riots and damaging people/city property.

Certain groups are seeing this as taking America back ( as if it went anywhere to begin with ) and I suggest if they really cared they need to look at the major reasons to the economic issues. Check out The Biggest Welfare Recipients in USA

Who is Donald Trump ?

President of USA 2016 - Donald TrumpIts said His father is from Kallstadt, Germany and his mother is from Scotland. Donald Trump was born in Jamaica, Queens on 6/14/1946 and comes from immigrant German/Scottish parents. His father/ was very successful in real-estate and left Donald trump a very large sum of money which helped him continue in his father footsteps in real estate and many other ventures.

He is an international name who loves branding himself and his company. Tried to get involved in various businesses from selling trump steaks or trump university or golf courses and the list goes on for detailed info check what Wiki says

Seeing Success in many of his business ventures, he also had many failed businesses.

Ambitious man with big visions, his ideas for casinos and other real-estate ventures are work of arts. But when bankruptcies are being filed is says much about such business ventures.
We can’t always blame one man for all the success and all the failure. Certainly things didn’t work out as expected and if success was easy in business then everyone would do it.

Donald trump comes from a christian background and now is a Presbyterian but has his own views and relationship as he said “I think if I do something wrong, I think, I just try to make it right. I don’t bring God into that picture.” Something I can respect about his belief, but what is troubling is some around him who are ultra conservative and can harm his good intention to rebuild the country.

Political Background

Donald Trump never had such an impact on a political run before running for president of United states in 2016. He considered a run for president in 1988,2004, and 2012. Some reports say he was considered as a running mate of George H Bush but lost out to Dan Quayle.
Trump ran against George Bush and Al Gore but dropped out with only 7% saying the party had too much infighting. ( he won California/Michigan primaries )

Trump involvement with birthers is troubling to many. He questioned president Obama’s birth certificate and citizenship which backfired against his pubic image. Many thought trump is seeking attention to promote himself or shows, but trump has made many appearances with conservative groups to speak at their events.

Do You Support Trump or Not ? Make Your Voice Heard Now

Donald Trump was a republican but didn’t limit his support to republicans only. Trump left the republican party in 2001 and was a democrat from 2001 to 2009 when he officially changed his party affiliation to republican. He became an independent for a short five month but returned to Republican Party

Donald Trump Victory Speech

Final Thoughts

I think if we can deal with president George Bush for two terms, then certainly Donald Trump is doable as well. It’s fair to give him a chance and try to make things better as his sees. I like him for being a visionary and I don’t believe he is biased against blacks, Mexicans, Muslims, for his businesses extend to various Peoples and countries world-wide.
What is worth mentioning is that those people who support him and truly want a better America, they must realize that the constitutional rights belong to all the citizens of the united states of America. Regardless of color, nationality background, religion, beliefs. The freedoms provided are for all and with true good willed actions we can fix the country.
Donald Trump is just one man and can only do so much, the country is bigger then any one man. It’s a personal duty on all Americans to make America great again. Hate was once used to hate tyranny and love for freedom. We should not hate fellow Americans or any human being for minor differences.

Be the better example and not the wrong example.

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