Project Pay Day – Review

Project Pay Day – Review

What is Project Pay Day or PPD ?

Project Pay Day is a Cost Per Action site ( CPA Offers ) which means you sign up to programs and get rewarded money for it.  You can join a trial program and get paid to try it. Sounds cool right, but is the head ache really worth it ? Depends on the user. I Personally don’t believe it is. Many users though do like PPD and mastered what is needed to make it profitable for them.

For New users it might be a turn off, for example you can spend hours filling in offers and earn little commission here and there and none are instant most have to wait 3-4 days to see the earnings, some don’t get them even.

You can make money as well with PPD by referring others to do the same as you do. ( I’m not sure how their affiliate program works exactly in regards to percentages or commissions ), but I do know that it’s required to refer people to advance and this is why many PPD members peruse recruiting as it’s required.

One of the few things to point out is that many offers will require you submit your credit card info and details before they pay you. Thus when you log in lets say for a week straight and do as much as 60 CPA offers, most likely you just handed over 30 companies your private info and credit card details to earn a small trial commission.

Is that something you would like to do ? I personally don’t like that at all.

Thus is it really worth all the time and hassle ? No.

Do you want a bunch of companies pushing their products on your daily so you can earn a few bucks ? No.