Reality Networkers Review Scam or Legit ?

Reality Networkers Review Scam or Legit ?

MLM based company that has been around for over 12 years with a membership of about six million members. What is the main focus of Reality Networkers ? Recruiting and building your downlines.

With them you can join other companies and complete tasks to earn commissions and the idea is, with bigger teams those little commissions add up to bigger commissions.

How Reality Networkers works

Sign up for free and get 14 day trial period to check it out, then you are encouraged to upgrade ( one time $25 payment ) but they also offer $125 package that guaranteed you five recruits and additional 5 from them as well.

Members who can’t afford the upgrade are given ways to earn money from various other sites, but a process that can take some time and not worth the effort in my opinion. If you are serious about joining, then borrow $25 rather then waste time earning pennies to make the $25.

So again the focus is recruiting more people in your downline, who will each need to pay $25 or purchase then $125. Building bigger team means more commissions.

Benefits of Reality Networkers

Since they update their advertising methods and safelists, they put in great effort into marketing and this is one of the main things you will learn from reality networkers is how to promote.