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RIP Victims of Brussels and The World but did you know

RIP Victims of Brussels and The World but did you know about the meeting to take place which will discuss Palestinian issues over settlement goods ? Today an attack which is already being reported to be claimed by ISIS and it’s affiliates.

This attack happened in Brussels, Belgium with supposedly 3 bombs going off in random locations, and the death toll of these terror attacks so far are accounted at 30 death and over 200 injured. These cowardly attacks are always sold in the media to have people in panic mood.
Watch Video from RT

All the images are on every TV station and prayers and social media is on fire with prayers and even trending #stopislam hash tags on twitter by what it seems like an army of islamophobes who blame Islam, but continually ignore the facts that these terrorist and terror tactics first 1) Are not supported by 99.9% of Muslims world wide.Watch Video Trump Claims Lots of Muslims hate America .

According to eye witnesses

We seeing terror attacks more commonly now, just sometime ago 3 attacks rocked turkey, attacks in Paris, but there are attacks in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan, Indonesia and Palestine the most neglected one.

Why is Palestine is being ignored is one thing, but it’s becoming a trend of attacks on countries that are taking more measure to help Palestine establish a state independently.

What is the big issue with Palestine and why do I bring it up specifically ? Well Ive come across this and looked into it  on the EU Parliment News states on The Week Ahead 21 – 27 March 2016

It features : Country of origin labeling for certain foods. Environment and Public Health Committee Members are likely to reiterate their demand for binding EU rules on country of origin labeling of meat, processed meat, and milk. A 2013 Eurobarometer survey showed that consumers favor such labeling of milk and meat.

Palestine’s Foreign Affairs Minister Riad Al-Malki will join Foreign Affairs Committee Members to debate the political situation there.

The inter-Palestinian reconciliation talks, the economic and humanitarian situation in occupied Palestinian territories, initiatives for re-launching Middle East peace process, and the regional situation.

Social Media Buzz

Many are already pinning this on private interests and secret services that work for benefits not known to the public. There is a video making it’s way around which you should look into.

Looking into another post Find Here

Which quotes  events that most people are not aware of

NETANYHU WARNS FRANCE NOT TO RECOGNISE PALESTINIAN NATION: 23 Nov 2014 – Palestinian state recognition will be a ‘grave mistake’, Netanyahu warns France …

CHARLIE HEBDO KILLINGS IN PARIS: Date, 7–9 January 2015. Location(s), Charlie Hebdo offices

NETANYHU NOT INVITED TO MARCH WITH WORLD LEADERS IN PARIS: 12 Jan 2015 – Paris march: President Hollande

RIP Victims of Brussels and The World but did you know

asked Israel’s Netanyahu not to attend Paris march …

FRIDAY 13TH ATTACKS IN PARIS: Muslims killed, eye witnesses say gunmen were “muscular and white skinned with cropped hair” – around 20 victims still not officially named … No official buildings, nor police, nor military targets harmed in attacks – all victims are ordinary workers and/or tourists.




KABOOM! BOMBS BLOW AT AIRPORT & METRO RAIL STATIONS 150 FEET FROM EU PARLIAMENT where the Grand Mufti of Egypt and senior Palestinian politicians are attending!

Main Stream No Show

Clearly its something not mentioned by the main stream media and barley covered by anyone else. Many are discussing it to being a false flag being used to pass stricter laws under the disguise of terrorism. Most are ignoring the fact that with recent pressures on Israel from the EU has resulted in a back lash of terrorism.

For Example : We remember the Paris Attacks, but how many remember that Paris was going to put more pressure on Israel by recognition of Palestine

France has recently supported the Palestinian people and their cause at the UN Security Council, causing panic among Israeli officials in Tel Aviv who have said on several occasions that they fear they have lost the entire European continent as a result. They have also expressed worries that the European position, led by France, is turning against the Israeli occupation and in favor of the Palestinian people’s struggle for freedom, independence, and statehood.

Many Israeli analysts have urged authorities in their country to work to regain European support, fearing that losing France would mean losing Europe as a whole. The response to these fears has been an unprecedented campaign of Israeli incitement against Muslim immigrants in Europe.

The shooting at the offices of Charlie Hebdo magazine have thus coincided with a movement in the Israeli media and state discourse against the threat of so-called “Islamic extremism.”  Read more

We can look into Indonesia which opened a hospital in Gaza ? The story was reported on dec 29th. Jakarta Indonesia

Officials originally believed there were five attackers, but later said one man thought to be a militant was actually a civilian. All of the attackers, including two previously convicted militants, were killed.

The so-called Islamic State (IS) has said it carried out the attack.

At least 20 people were injured, several of them in a serious condition. More Info

This happened on Jan 17 roughly 3 weeks after the hospital being reported about. I find it rather abusive to the people who never get told about these coincidences that keep happening.

Brussels is known for supporting the Palestinian cause and among the first to say ” I told you so ” was Netanyahu as if he was waiting for it to happen.

Message to victims

I wish to all the innocent victims who suffer from these cowardice acts and their families that they remain strong and vigilant in seeking the truth.

Important matter are becoming insignificant and some people are trying to connect the dots and understand the real reasons behind terror attacks. Lets ask ourselves.

  • Are they contributing to more loss of freedoms for innocent people through the use of fear and terror ? Yes.
  • Who Gains the most from such attacks ? Military machine and war mongers.
  • Has Trillions of dollars/euros spend on combating terrorism helped in any form stop terrorism ? No.
Final Thoughts

The people have to take a better look and take sometime out their daily norms to reach any truth. The main stream media does a great job with finger pointing  and distractions it seems.

Seeking alternate media outlets has become a main source for many people to find informative stories.

Real journalism is reasonable, factual, evidences with intentions to spread knowledge about facts that matter.

All people deserve to exist : We all must try our best to be good providers to our families and neighbors. It’s a duty among-est all of God’s children.

Let not extremist dictate what to believe and follow, let our inner good and the spiritual power within us help guide us to live side by side in peace and prosperity.

That is the real purpose of our existence here on earth is to make a heavenly world, live in prosperity and then transcend to the eternal paradise.

Share it with others to spread knowledge

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