Science Can Explain Many Things Except

Science Can Explain Many Things but Not All Things

science-can-explain-many-things-exceptScience Can Explain Many Things Except that vast things they cannot comprehend. It’s always  fascinating to get into science and its deep studies and theories about life and our existence in this spec of dust in a vast sea of infinite galaxies.

Science always brings us valuable information that is truly priceless. The impact of the understanding of our environment and how things work.

A very interesting study in the unseen by the eye, things that happen around us that we are not aware of.

Watch this 40 min documentary.

The Microscopic Universe – Quantum Theory, Subatomic Particles & More

Science can explain things for sure, but clearly from their own words there are things beyond their reach of dictations.

The Dark Matter Theories

Dark Matter : Un-explained by science for the fact that its invisible for the entire electromagnetic spectrum. Regardless of the fact it’s beyond observation.
The gravitational effects on the motions of what is observed gives it properties to its existence.
It makes up about 27% of observable universe and very complex subject. There are suggestions that it’s very dense and small that doesn’t emit enough radiation for detectable.

There are as well Dark Energy, Baryonic Matter and Neutrinos.- Read more

Mind boggling

The fact so much is yet to be discovered, indeed is mind-boggling. The more deeper they dig, the more complex things get and so many deny a divine intervention. Scientist for the most part know the facts that you don’t have the answers to such things. The complexity of the universe is prove in itself of divine intervention.

Science Can Explain Many Things Except the many things they have yet to discover or the ones taking them down various possibilities.

Scientist knows somethings are beyond their understanding and that is understandable. Yet, it illogical to say this all happened by coincidence.

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